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We have packed our most popular and exquisite loose-leaf tea in large triangular shaped mesh biodegradable teabags. These large teabags could easily hold 3-3.5 grams of tea and there is adequate space for the leaves to expand and infuse all its flavours.

Unlike traditional teabags, we do not have to make any alterations to the loose-leaf tea in order to get them in the teabags.  Please note all other brewing guidance remains the same just as for the loose-leaf tea, such as water temperature and brewing time. Most of our teabags are perfect for second and third steeps so that you get the best out them.

Our luxury triune teabag collection includes 19 of the well-loved classics such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey, Vanilla Rooibos and Darjeeling, as well as splendid green teas and herbal & fruit infusions.

Our stylishly presented range of luxury triune teabags are available in cartons of 15 or packs of 100 and 250, and all triune teabags are 100% bio-degradable. Read what makes our teas biodegradable here.

Our triune teabags are perfect for enjoying your favourite tea on-the-go; quick way to re-energise at work; or unwind after a hectic day. You can also enjoy your cuppa guilt-free, as they are also 100% biodegradable.

They are a wonderful gift or treat for yourself. 

Providing a loose-leaf experience with all the convenience of a teabag. Learn more about them on our blog When is a Teabag not a Teabag?

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English Breakfast Triune Tea Bags - No.01

From:  €7.58  (15)

This breakfast tea offers strength and flavour. Available in our convenient and bio-degradable triune tea bags.

Supreme Earl Grey Triune Tea Bags - No.07

From:  €32.67  (37)

This classic Supreme Earl Grey tea has been conveniently packed into our bio-degradable triune tea bags.

Supreme Dragon Well Green Triune Tea Bags - No.56

From:  €14.13  (5)

Our luxury tea bags are easy to use and provide the same great taste as our loose-leaf Supreme Dragon Well.

Chamomile Triune Tea Bags - No.121

From:  €7.58  (3)

Our whole Chamomile tea is made of the finest chamomile flowers from the Nile River Valley in Egypt.

First Flush Darjeeling Triune Tea Bags - No.08

From:  €8.13  (6)

This First Flush Darjeeling imparts fruity, floral notes. Conveniently packed into bio-degradable luxury triune tea bags.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Triune Tea Bags - No.55

From:  €10.85  (9)

These perfectly balanced Jasmine Dragon Pearls have an intense flowery taste and beautiful fragrance.

Lemongrass and Ginger Triune Tea Bags - No.127

From:  €7.58  (5)

All the benefits of our Lemongrass and Ginger tea in a convenient teabag. 

Peppermint Leaves Triune Tea Bags - No.122

From:  €7.58  (7)

A clean and refreshing peppermint infusion in a handy luxury tea bag. Popular for its various calming effects.

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.58 - Sachet

From:  €2.18  (13)

This award-winning matcha has a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness.

Vanilla Rooibos Triune Tea Bags - No.101

From:  €7.58  (10)

These award-wining Vanilla Rooibos teabags impart a rich and full bodied brew with a creamy vanilla finish.

Supreme Japanese Genmaicha Triune Tea Bags - No.52

From:  €8.67  (12)

A blend of Sencha, rice and popcorn, imparting a fresh & toasty flavour in convenient teabags.

Flowering Tea 5 Bulbs - No.200

€8.13  (18)

5 award-winning Flowering Tea Bulbs. When steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls, emulating a blooming flower. 

Supreme Japanese Sencha Triune Tea Bags - NO.69

From:  €7.58  (19)

These award-winning luxury Japanese Sencha Supreme tea bags impart an outstanding flavour and fresh aroma.

Sensational Bora Bora Triune Tea Bags - No.141

From:  €8.67  (5)

Named after the island of Bora Bora, this tea is created with an array of fruits to create an exquisite flavour.

Assam FBOP Second Flush Manjushree Triune Tea Bags - No.19

From:  €8.67  (2)

An exceptional Assam breakfast tea made with an abundance of golden tips which give  a gorgeously strong cup.

Jasmine Green Triune Tea Bags - No.53

From:  €32.13  (9)

This Jasmine green tea is uplifting and aromatic, provided in convenient teabags. 

Sencha Goji-Berry Triune Tea Bags - No.57

From:  €8.67  (2)

This exceptional green tea blend will revitalise your senses and boost your immune system.

Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle Triune Tea Bags - No.45

From:  €14.13  (1)

Naturally infused with the essential oils of jasmine flowers, this tea imparts a light flavour with floral notes.

Classic Triune Tea Bag Collection Box with Black, Jasmine, Rooibos and Herbal Tea

€43.58  (4)

This exquisite collection includes the crème de la crème of classic teas, packed in luxurious triangular teabags. 

Authentic Masala Chai Tea Triunes - No.125

From:  €38.18  (2)

This authentic blend consists of a balance of the finest-quality Orthodox Indian Assam leaves and Indian spices. 

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