Tea Sets, Glass Teapots, Accessories and More.

Our teaware includes a carefully chosen selection of tea sets, mugs, glassware and glass teapots, as well as a full range of tea accessories. We also carry a number of beautiful clay Yixing teapots. The products in this section can complement your tea selection as well as your existing teaware at home. They also naturally make wonderful gifts for a tea enthusiast. 


Zenshi Glassware Collection

The Zenshi range is inspired by the serenity and peace of the traditional tea ceremony and, with its many functions, it provides a fantastic way to enjoy speciality teas.



Ceramic Ware    

Our elegant and practical range
of porcelain tea sets are a 
perfect way to enjoy tea.

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Tea Strainers  

Explore our range of tea 
strainers, from the elegant 
to the playful. 

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Storage Tins

Keep your loose leaf tea
fresh for longer with our 
range of storage tins.

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Loose Tea Essentials       

We have a wide range of tea
that are durable,
easy to use and fit into 
most of cups and small teapots.

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    Matcha Essentials  

Find everything you need 
for the perfect matcha tea
in our Matcha essentials

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Tea Ceremony 

Everything you need for 
the perfect tea ceremony.


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