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This dad knows his Oolong from his Rooibos and he is a stickler for great flavour and great quality. For this dad, we recommend a tea gift with history and decadence. For example, you could choose a gift from our Gold Range selection or one of our Darjeeling teas that come from the Himalayan foothills. 

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1990 Imperial Aged Pu erh Tea - No. 81

From:  £17.95  (14)

Aged for 27 years, this  Pu erh tea from the Yunnan Province imparts a mature and smooth flavour.

Anji Bai Cha - No.72

From:  £6.95  (3)

This delicate, rare tea is rich in health enhancing theanine and offers a refreshingly delicate flavour.

Assam Mangalam - No.05

From:  £6.50  (14)

This Extra Special FTGFOP1 Grade tea embodies the perfect Assam breakfast tea. 

Bamboo Tea Tray

£20.50   £15.26  (1)

This traditional bamboo tray is an essential part of any tea ceremony. 

Bamboo Tea Utensils Set

£24.95   £21.21 

A beautifully made set of bamboo tea utensils, ideal for all loose leaf teas.

Ceylon Adam's Peak Extra Special - No.04

From:  £12.50  (13)

This tea from Adam's Peak Estate is a testament to the smooth , rich flavours it produces.

Cha Xiang Chinese Yixing Teapot 200ml


A handcrafted Yixing Clay teapot, ideal for brewing black, oolong and aged pu-erh teas.

Doke Black Fusion From Bihar First Flush - 2018 Harvest - No.25

From:  £5.95 

This handcrafted tea from Doke Tea Garden offers a light amber cup with brisk, fresh notes.

Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.37

From:  £13.95  (6)

The ethereal and gentle flavour entices the palate in an amazing tea experience.

Japanese Premium Gyokuro - No.63

From:  £17.95  (18)

Gyokuro has a sweet flavour which is mild in taste and a greenish in colour infusion.

Japanese Tea For One Set


This black porcelain tea for one set is ideal for enjoying your favourite Japanese tea.

Makaibari First Flush FTGFOP1 Darjeeling - No.32

From:  £15.95  (3)

With its golden hue liquor, this First Flush imparts unique muscatel flavour with mild pine and sweet notes.

Margaret's Hope FTGFOP1 First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.28

From:  £17.95 

One of the oldest and finest gardens in Darjeeling, Margaret's Hope produces outstanding First Flush teas.

Margaret's Hope Second Flush FTGFOP1 Darjeeling - No.03

From:  £6.50  (12)

A summer harvest Darjeeling with a slightly astringent and round flavour.

Matcha Latte With Cacao And Cinnamon

From:  £29.75  (1)

Enjoy the benefits of matcha powder in a luxurious and creamy matcha latte.

Modern Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set


Modern matcha gifts set with 40g of matcha tea, electric whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and measuring spoon.

Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin - Limited Edition - No.93

From:  £15.26  (7)

Handmade by Artisan teamakers, this limited-edition Tue Guan Yin is the finest of our Oolong teas. 

Niroula's Pine Oak Smoky First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.33

From:  £9.95 

A unique pine smoked Darjeeling from Niroula Tea Farm, a micro tea processing unit of Darjeeling tea.

Organic Japanese Matcha (Premium Grade) - No.75

From:  £11.01  (17)

A great choice for anyone new to matcha. Imparts a smooth, mellow flavour with hints of grassy sweetness.

Perfect Tea Timer (Sand Timer)

£12.95  (14)

Perfect for keeping a track of the brewing time for various teas. 

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