The Connoisseur

This dad knows his Oolong from his Rooibos and he is a stickler for great flavour and great quality. For this dad, we recommend a tea gift with history and decadence. For example, you could choose a gift from our Gold Range selection or one of our Darjeeling teas that come from the Himalayan foothills. 

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Pu erh Tea Prying Pick with Rosewood Handle

£3.95  (3)

A must have for Pu erh drinkers. The handle is fashioned of rosewood and is comfortable to grip.

Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07

From:  £4.00  (201)

A stunning version of the classic Supreme Earl Grey. Well-rounded flavour with distinct citrus notes.

Supreme Japanese Sencha - No.69

From:  £9.95  (24)

The exquisite Japanese Sencha Supreme green tea imparts an outstanding flavour and fresh aroma.

Taiwanese Jin Xuan (Milk) Oolong Supreme - No.92

From:  £8.95  (9)

A premium natural milk oolong from the mountains of Taiwan with a rich flavour and buttery notes.

Tea Water Thermometer

£9.95  (8)

For checking the water temperature for brewing as different types of teas need to be brewed at different temperatures.

Traditional Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set

£59.95  (9)

Contains 40g of matcha tea, bamboo whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and bamboo spatula. 

Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong - No.91

From:  £4.95  (6)

This dark oolong tea from the Fujian province of China imparts a smooth caramel flavour.

Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass Cup 200ml

£8.95   £7.95  (7)

This 200ml exquisite double walled tea glass cup with handle is handmade by expert glass artisans. 

Zenshi Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser & Coil Filter 800ml

£20.15  (44)

This beautiful glass teapot is ideal for enjoying your favourite loose leaf teas. Makes 2-3 cups of tea.

Zenshi Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass Cup with Lid 300ml

£12.75  (27)

This practical teacup is perfect for a busy person who loves enjoying loose leaf tea.

Zenshi Special Edition Eichu Tea Pitcher 400ml

£8.95   £4.50 

No more over brewed tea! This pitcher is perfect for serving tea, once the tea has brewed in your teapot.

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