The Runner

This dad is a marathon runner in spirit and in reality. He always goes the extra mile to help you out and he is always full of energy. He takes great care of his health and is constantly on the lookout for nutritious products that can boost his energy and vitalise his body and mind. We have a great selection of teas for this dad type. Your dad might enjoy a traditional Japanese matcha set or a selection of green teas that he can drink as they are or infuse into a healthy smoothie. 

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Sencha Goji-berry Pomegranate Blend - No.57

From:  £4.50  (55)

Bursting with high levels of healthy antioxidants and rich in vitamins.

Standard Grade Japanese Matcha - No.76

From:  £35.00  (6)

This luxury Japanese matcha powder is the perfect choice for creative home cooks and professional chefs. 

Traditional Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set

£59.95  (13)

Contains 40g of matcha tea, bamboo whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and bamboo spatula. 

Vanilla Organic Rooibos - No.101

From:  £4.50  (32)

Our award-winning Vanilla Rooibos is popular among the health-conscious due to its high level of antioxidants. 

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