White Tea

With very low levels of caffeine, white tea makes a delicate brew with a fresh, mild and sweet flavour. The liquor produced by this tea is pale-yellow, with a wonderfully enticing aroma. Different varieties can also have notes of flowers, pines and honey, all adding to the beauty of the flavour. White tea contains antioxidants, specifically ‘Catechin’, and have anti-inflammatory properties, therefore can be used to help with many health issues.

About Our White Teas:

About Our White Teas: Most white teas grow in the revered Fujian province of China, however within our range we also offer a rare virgin silver tip tea from the Imboolpittiya Estate of Celyon (Sri Lanka). We also offer the Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle tea, which has been naturally infused with the beautiful flower and aroma of Jasmine. White tea is made from young and delicate Camellia Sinensis leaves and buds, and only the finest spring buds are used. Once picked, they are carefully withered and dried under natural sunlight. This range can be enjoyed at any time of day.

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Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle - No.45

From:  £5.45

Naturally infused with the essential oils of jasmine flowers, this tea imparts a light, smooth flavour with beautiful floral notes.

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls - No.48

From:  £6.50

The production process for this Chinese white tea requires the highest level of skill. It imparts a mellow flavour and alluring jasmine aroma.

White Peony Supreme - No.47

From:  £4.50

Named after the petals of the White Peony, this tea is characterised by its tender, downy-white leaves. It offers a fruity flavour and flowery aroma.

Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - 2017 Harvest

From:  £13.95

This 2017 First Flush Darjeeling is nothing short of perfection. The ethereal and gentle flavour entices the palate in an amazing tea experience.

Rare Ceylon Silver Tips - No.50

From:  £9.50

An exceptionally rare white tea, these Rare Ceylon Silver Tips from the Imboolpittiya garden impart a delicate flavour with notes of pine and honey.


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