White Tea

White Loose Leaf Tea

With a very low level of caffeine, white tea makes a delicate brew with a subtle and mild flavour profile. Different varieties of white tea can have notes of flowers, pine and honey. White tea is fresh, mild and sweet and contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

White tea is made from young and delicate Camellia Sinensis leaves and buds that have gone through minimal processing. Most white teas grow in the revered Fujian province of China. However, our range also includes a rare virgin silver tips tea from the Imboolpittiya Estate of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The Imboolpittiya Estate is known for its exquisite premium quality silver tips teas, made from single, un-opened buds that are naturally sun-dried in the misty hills of Ceylon.

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White tea is so name because of the fine silvery-white hairs that appear on the unopened buds of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. The brew liquor of white tea has a pale-yellow colour and a wonderfully enticing aroma. White tea contains varying amounts of the healthy antioxidant ‘Catechin’.

In our selection, we offer a white tea that has been naturally infused with the beautiful flavour and aroma of Jasmine flowers. This Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle tea is an exquisite treat for all the senses.

The production of white tea is very delicate. Only the finest spring buds and leaves are used. The leaves and buds are then carefully withered and dried under natural sunlight. This natural process creates a very fine tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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Rare Ceylon Silver Tips - No.50

Rare Ceylon Silver Tips - No.50From:  £6.45

This luxury Silver Tips gives you a mix of wonderfully subtle and delicate flavour that can be very soothing and relaxing.

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls - No.48

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls - No.48From:  £7.95

This artisan Chinese jasmine white tea is created through a delicate process that requires the highest level of skill and craftmanship. The tea imparts a mellow and fragrant flavour and alluring jasmine aroma.

White Peony Supreme - No.47

White Peony Supreme - No.47From:  £4.50

White Peony, known locally as Pai Mu Tan, is a delicate tea made from tea buds collected and withered prior to opening. This tea is delightful in the evening, with great character plus a fine, flowery aroma.

White Dragon Pearls - No.49

White Dragon Pearls - No.49From:  £5.95

White Dragon Pearl is one of the highest quality white teas.

Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle - No.45

Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle - No.45From:  £5.45

This premium white tea has been naturally infused with the essential oils of jasmine flowers. The tea imparts a light and smooth flavour with beautiful floral notes.

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