English Breakfast Tea Triunes - No.01


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English Breakfast Tea Triunes - No.01

This whole leaf, full-bodied version of classic loose leaf English Breakfast Tea, offers a smooth and delicate balance of strength and flavour. Conveniently packed into our bio-degradable tea triunes.

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Tea Story

Our English Breakfast tea imparts a beautifully smooth yet reviving flavour, providing a wonderful start to your day. The tea is a blend of teas from three different tea gardens in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Drinking a blend of black teas is a longstanding British custom. The speciality version of the classic tea has an exceptionally delicious flavour and a beautiful and distinctive aroma.

Our exquisite, full-bodied version of this well-loved classic, beautifully captures the originality of a typical English Breakfast tea by offering a delicate balance of strength and flavour with an intrinsic smoothness, eliminating the bitterness that can occur in lesser blends.

Tea region - Dimbulla and Nuwara Elliya, Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Tea brewing guidance - Use ca 200ml of water per tea triune. Boil water to 100℃. Steep for 3-5 minutes.


The Tea Experience

A truly sensational cup of tea is a treat for all the senses. Aroma, colour and flavour all play an important role in creating the perfect tea experience.

The tea aroma - 

The tea colour - The brewed tea has a beautifully bright, royal amber liquor.

The tea flavour - The tea imparts a full-bodied and deliciously smooth flavour.

The tea ingredients - Pure Ceylon black tea.


Information for tea connoisseurs

To create an unrivalled taste experience, we carefully select the most superior Ceylon BOP, which originates from the celebrated Sri Lankan, Dimbulla and Nuwara Elliya tea-growing regions.


Luxury Tea Triunes

Our luxurious and stylish triangular teabags provide the perfect way for you to enjoy the high-quality experience of loose leaf tea with all the conveniences of a normal teabag. Packed with our most exquisite loose leaf teas, these luxury teabags are a perfect way to enjoy fine quality tea with ease. These large, mesh triangles allow adequate space for the fine tea leaves to expand and impart their exquisite natural flavours into your teapot.


The Great Taste Awards

The Tea Makers of London were awarded 15 stars at the 2016 Great Taste Awards.

What are The Great Taste Awards?

The Great Taste Awards are organised by the Guild of Fine Food. The awards are the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply, the Great Taste logo is a sign of trustworthy, consistent, high-quality food and drink.

What do the stars mean?

★★★ Exquisite. Wow! Taste that!                ★★ Outstanding!                  ★ Simply delicious!



Tasting Notes


Brewing Guidance

This classic loose leaf Breakfast Tea offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour. Available in our convenient and bio-degradable tea triunes.