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Clean & Fresh

Refreshing Spring Teas

Explore tender young leaves that are bursting full of goodness and flavour in our Spring Teas Collection


Elegant and Functional Teaware

Luxury loose-leaf teas deserve the right receptacle. Browse our extensive range of teaware and discover everything from convenient measuring scoops to hand-made matcha bowls.

The Tea Makers of London - Sharing our heritage

We are a family owned business, located just outside London. We specialise in single origin estate, fully traceable, exquisite teas and teaware. Our deeply rooted connections with soil, tea and people allow us to inspire tea lovers everywhere. We believe everyone deserves transparently traded, exceptional tea.

Make You A Priority

The pick of the season

Spring is the most exciting time for tea. When the plants wake from out of their Winter slumber and literally spring into life, producing fresh, tender young leaves that are bursting full of goodness and flavour.

During this period, our sourcing team is kept busy assessing samples from the finest tea estates across the world, and once only the very best have been selected, they appear here.

Reviews & Testimonials

Brew loose leaf tea effortlessly

Our glassware has been handcrafted and purpose made to brew and enjoy tea effortlessly.

It’s the Tea Maker’s way

Tea is a given. It is the golden thread we uncover for our customers, connecting them to each and every farmer, picker and worker who has crafted our tea. We share the same tea that the farmers share with their family and friends, tea that travels from farm to cup. They allow us to warm our hands, wake ourselves up and soothe our minds. We feel special.