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Tea Strainers/Infusers

 Essential to any loose-leaf tea maker’s collection, our range of tea strainers allows your tea leaves to have all the room that they need to infuse. At the same time, our tea strainers keep the leaves separate from your brew which means it’s easy to rebrew. Plus, no leaf pieces in your teeth.


Why use a tea strainer?

If you love loose-leaf tea (like we do) a tea strainer or infuser is a necessity. Using a tea strainer is the easiest way to brew loose-leaf tea with minimal mess and fuss. Pop your tea into the strainer, place it into your cup or teapot, pour the water on, and let it brew. You can even use tea strainers to rebrew your leaves, getting twice the amount of flavour from each batch.

Tea strainers and infusers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ready to fit into your favourite mug, cup or teapot. Say goodbye to teabags and hello to the full flavour of loose-leaf tea, without the hassle.

Ball Infuser For Loose Leaf Tea

Ball Infuser For Loose Leaf Tea

From £3.95 for For 1 Cup (5cm)

The most convenient way to brew your loose-leaf teas without the need for a separate strainer, this infuser comes in sizes suitable for cups, mugs and teapots.

Made in China

Loose Leaf Tea Scoop With Integrated Infuser


This clever Loose Leaf Tea Scoop does double duty, turning into an infuser that enables you to do away with teabags forever.

Made in China

Magic Gravity Infuser For Tea & Coffee - 500ml

£19.95 £24.95

Practical, compact and easy to clean, this magic infuser for loose-leaf teas provides brilliant, mess-free results every time. Perfect for a brew al desko!

Made in China

Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Infuser

From £9.95 for Medium

No need for a separate strainer. This fine Mesh Infuser enables easy, mess-free brewing of loose-leaf teas in either a cup or teapot.

Handcrafted in China