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A Carbon Neutral Business

We have recently completed our carbon footprint assessment and are delighted to be working with Carbon Neutral Britain – the UK’s leading Carbon Offsetting Initiative. Having been certified a Carbon Neutral Business for 2021, we will continue to work closely with their Carbon Offsetting Initiatives by contributing to relevant projects in the UK and other parts of the world.

Our wider objective is to minimise our carbon footprint year on year and ultimately become a zero carbon emissions company. Meanwhile…


What We Are Doing To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

(1) We work with producers who share the same value as us when it comes to reducing environmental impact. We do not source our teas from large-scale producers/conglomerates or auction houses where tea is sold in bulk as a commodity. Instead, we are proud to work with small- and medium-size producers with credible records in adopting environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The majority of our suppliers are small-scale artisanal and independent farmers who cultivate their ancestral lands and engage in traditional methods of growing and processing.

(2) We work directly with our producers, with the majority of teas shipped directly from the source. We never use a middle-person or brokers.

(3) We avoid excessive regular shipments via air freight – which is one of the highest contributors of carbon into the atmosphere. Rather, we source our teas only during the ideal harvesting period for that particular tea, and we ensure that those teas are carefully packed in airtight packs and shipped via sea freight.

(4) We avoid unnecessary travel. If there’s one positive that’s come out of the pandemic, it’s that over the past year we’ve found better ways to communicate and taste tea samples – negating the need for extensive air travel.

(5) We purchase our teas only once per year. We only work with an approved supplier list (via the Ethical Tea Partnership). If this means that we run out of a particular tea early, we wait until the next harvesting season, rather than buying poor-quality, off-season teas from other unknown producers or suppliers.

(6) Our production hub, located just outside London, is energy efficient, with the highest (meaning best) energy-rating indicator. There is no heavy machinery or processing involved, since the majority of our teas are authentically made, single-origin and unblended. Therefore, in order to ensure the long, delicate leaves are not damaged, we pack most teas by hand.

(7) We work with Carbon Neutral Britain. All of Carbon Neutral Britain’s carbon-offsetting projects are certified to the highest standards through the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) and the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions and the United Nations Certified Emission Reduction Further to this, we make contributions to Carbon Neutral Britain’s Woodland creation and Renewable based projects.