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Environment and Sustainability

picking tea leaves by hand, two leaf and a bud


Planet-Friendly Packaging

At The Tea Makers of London, we take the same care in sourcing our packaging as we do with our loose-leaf teas. We work hard to find the best packaging that fits our two core requirements: optimal storage conditions and sustainability.

The fresh tea leaves must be kept as dry and airtight as possible to preserve their flavours and aromas and minimise waste. With this in mind, we seek out packaging that will do just that, and we select the most sustainable options we can find.

Packaging is a fast-moving industry, and many clever people are coming up with exciting products with sustainability in mind. It is a work in progress and we are constantly reviewing our options.


Recyclable And Biodegradable

Our signature Triune Teabags have been plastic-free and compostable for as long as we have been packing them. The pyramid bags are made from Soilon corn-starch, complete with a cotton string and paper tag, making them 100% compostable. The cardboard boxes that our Triune Teabags come in are fully recyclable.

The branded metal caddies used for packaging our loose-leaf teas are fully recyclable – though we hope they’ll be a fixture in your kitchen cupboard for years to come.

These caddies are airtight, keeping your tea fresh and delicious. For some of our more delicate and fragrant teas, we package the produce inside our Natureflex inner bags. These bags are made from a transparent, plant-based film that is compostable, protecting our more fragile teas while minimising our environmental impact. 

All of our retail pouch sizes are made of fully recyclable plastic. 

We’re Working On It

While we have made a huge leap over the past two years in making most of our packaging fully biodegradable or recyclable, there are a few products that still don’t conform to these standards. We are currently working hard to find suitable alternative, recyclable packaging for our Teabag Envelopes (the teabags themselves are completely plastic-free and biodegradable). Finding sustainable alternatives to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible is a priority for us, so please bear with us. We are working on it and meanwhile using up our existing stock to avoid waste.


That’s A Wrap

Our orders are dispatched in cardboard boxes which are, of course, recyclable, and we reuse boxes wherever possible. Our teas are packed with paper, but teaware and accessories may be protected with bubble wrap or protective foam inserts to avoid breakage and waste in transit. We are currently looking at alternative products to replace bubble-wrap material as part of our move towards providing environmentally friendly packaging across our entire range.