Hi there,

Just a quick note to say thankyou for a really great service. From your website, through the quality of your teas and the efficiency of your order and delivery process. All first class. 

D Urwin 



I would like to thank you for a continuing high standard of service.It is a pleasure to do business with you,and enjoy your wonderful tea.Thank you.
Kind regards.

Mrs V Hankins 



We'd like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided in supplying promptly a replacement infuser as our was damaged.Thank you for unquestioningly providing the quick replacement. A service of exceptional quality. We would recommend you to anyone who requires five star treatment.

Many thanks

Mr & Mrs Griffiths



I wanted to thank you for the excellent service from your company. Each year I look at the Great Taste Award winners to find interesting gift ideas for Christmas. Your products look beautiful and I'm delighted to be giving them away as presents this year.

Kind regards

Fiona L.



Just wanted to thank you for an excellent service. This is my first order for tea with you,and my order arrived very quickly and well packed.We are just about to start using our tea,and feel confident it will be as good as the rest of our shopping experience. 

Mrs Vreni H.




I just thought I would write and tell you how pleased I am with your product and service.   I am thrilled with the glass teapot which is a gift for a friend.  It arrived promptly and very well packed. 

Kind regards 

Joan B.



Dear Tea Makers

Just to say thank you for dispatching my first order quickly and efficiently.

It was a nice surprise to see it all so beautifully presented and I am slowly making my way throught the different flaovurs. So far it has been an absolute delight!

You were recommended to me by friend Miriam S. who has ordered from you several times before.

Kind regards




Thank you so much for my order no: INxxxx. I ordered three irresistibly priced teas in the sale and they are perfect for that Autumn/Winter feeling. I also ordered a glass cup with strainer and lid - this fits my needs perfectly.

Also thank you so much for the quick delivery, I hate waiting for post. Ordered on Thursday night and received it today!


Many Thanks

Emily B.



I love ceylon tea is so good I don't like teabags the smell taste is perfect.I love original taste just taste of real tea is fantastic.Thankyou The tea makers ltd.I get back to you soon for more                                                                                                                                                                                      


Barbara B.



Afternoon. I have been meaning to email to thank you for your quick response to my first email. The fact that you not only acknowledged my complaint and also amended the photo on your website the same day was much appreciated. I also appreciate that you have come back to me regarding the timer without being prompted from myself.

It is nice to see a company going to such lengths when a customer has complained. 

Many thanks



Thank You, 16/03/2015

Good morning The Tea Makers Ltd team,

The beautiful teapot arrived on Sat and it was such a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting such a swift delivery. Many thanks for the sample pack too (yet another nice surprise!).


Maria W.


Jasmine Green Tea, 13/03/2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thought I'd drop you a quick email to say, I tried your Jasmine Green Tea today - maybe my 2nd try or so. A friend had come round so we shared a pot. She remarked on how good it was and she's a regular green tea drinker. I'm not a regular at all but it was very pleasant to share this with her today. I think the tightly lidded tin (good design) has really kept the aroma in well.

Interestingly, I'd been given a gift of some green Darjeeling tea from India. It had travelled over to me in cardboard and then in an attractive silk bag. It looked very much like a present for a tourist! When I opened the tea, it had no aroma at all because of course cardboard is not an adequate container for tea (I'm guessing). When we then smelt your tea, the difference was incomparable.

So I thought I'd just write to you and commend you for both the tasty tea and the helpful tin!

Yours faithfully,

Anne M. 


Great Service, 10/03/2015

What great service-arrived today many thanks indeed

Afternoon tea and cake as it should be!

Tony H. 


This is not a complaint!, 23/02/2015

Dear Sirs

Amazing, I recieved this email this morning, see time below.
I received the goods at 12:14.
You must be using helicopters!
Have a good one.


Thank you!  , 06/02/2015

Hi Team,

I just wanted to say thank you for my first order of tea through your website.

Everything from the website design, layout, checkout process, delivery, packaging and product quality has been OUTSTANDING!

Your brand now has yet another customer... for life! :)

Customer appreciation is hard to come by, so please pass on my thanks to everyone involved for me.

Keep up the awesome work.

Many thanks,



Impossible quality , 29/01/2015

Dear Tea Makers of London, I have sad news, after recently being exposed to your finest ranges of green tea (in particular Dragon Well and Mao Feng) I have been left in rather a predicament; and with a palate I thought not possible to develop within such short time. Being a student such luxuries as fine tea have been a dream only fulfilled over the Christmas holidays, though it is after sampling your tea that I am unable to return to standard brands. The dull and frankly joyless overtones of standard supermarket tea leave me in a state not too dissimilar to the flavour they impose, yet still I drink for the need of green tea, It is with reluctance that I tell you that your tea has left me well and truly with raw desire for more, the sweet taste and flavoursome rush that can still be felt in the depths of my mind is all I can think of most days. Yet with the cumbersome knowledge that it may be some time before such beauty quenches my thirst again. However not all is so glum when in consideration of the famous Tea Makers' beverage, for such an experience has lead me to realise a desire for tea within my life. Not only in drinking but perhaps in the manufacturing, growing or even business enterprise that this leafy substance has clearly created for such a company as yours. It is now I leave you in search of more green leafed liquid, If you have read this then I appreciate your noting of my concerns, and do most certainly wish you, who may be reading this, a good day.


Many Thanks, Adam of Somerset.



Thank you, 18/02/2015

Thank you, received the flowering tea very quickly and the product was packaged beautifully. The tea is delightful and very delicate and pretty to the taste buds and sight. A very happy customer.

Mrs l fentonsmith