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5 Warming Winter Teas

Where the bitter wind numbs our toes and the dark nights grow longer. Where the weather is as unpredictable as the rush-hour traffic. The thick coats and scarves are out and gingerbread lattes replace all things pumpkin-spiced. Winter is the busy season where we try to fit in buying presents, seeing friends and family, and where we try to fit into last year's seasonal jumpers.

Winter is a busy season for most. So, where does your me-time feature?

At The Tea Makers, we believe there is no form of self-care better than curling up on the settee with a warming cup of tea, and we think this suits so nicely when it comes to winding down in a winter evening. Wrap up in your blanket and put on your favourite Netflix show as we have the best selection of warming, loose-leaf winter teas for your indulgence. 

Authentic Masala Chai, No.125

Spice up your winter nights with our award-winning Masala Chai. Strong and full-bodied, this authentic Indian chai blend offers a slightly malty flavour with an alluring aroma of fresh cardamom and delicate notes of clove, cinnamon and black pepper.

This is an exceptionally calming, sweet and spicy chai loose-leaf tea, which is best enjoyed with milk to provide an unrivalled taste sensation! 

Why drink Orthodox Masala Chai? Orthodox Masala Chai is good for relaxing and calming the body down. The unique combination of spices, each with its own added benefits makes this a must-drink tea.


Supreme Earl Grey, No.07

Indulge in  an unforgettable and perfectly balanced Earl Grey tea experience, with our award-winning blend.

Made of exquisite quality Ceylon teas scented with flavours of Bergamot oil and blue cornflowers, this tea has a well-rounded flavour with distinct citrus notes. Best enjoyed mid-morning, or in the afternoon next to the fireplace with a good book. 

Did you know? It is proven that Earl Grey tea can help aid digestion and deter any inflammation in the gut. With regular consumption, the tea is also known to help reduce cholesterol levels and boost the immune system. Earl Grey tea (like most black teas) is packed full of antioxidants that can help ward off any infections or diseases, which is exactly what your body will thank you for during the winter period. Read how to find the best quality Earl Grey in our blog.


Assamica Chocolate Spice, No.301

Chocolate tea is indeed a luxurious treat, and our Assamica Chocolate Spice tea is truly the most perfect winter tea.

The cocoa nib mixed with the tea give it a distinctive note of rich, dark chocolate. The roasted chicory root adds a toasty back note and, with the addition of warming ginger, cardamom and black pepper, this tea has a distinctive malty flavour and a beautiful seasonal aroma. An indulgent treat for all the senses!

About Assam tea: Assam is famous for its outstanding black teas and is one of only two places in the world that has its own native tea plant - ‘Camellia Sinensis Assamica’. Our chocolate spiced tea is made of Indian black loose-leaf tea, from the revered Assam region. Read more about Assam in our blog here.


Turmeric Spice Tea Blend, No.128

Turmeric is the core ingredient of this healthy loose leaf herbal tea. It imparts a mild, aromatic flavour and is a herbal favourite to be enjoyed this season.

This exquisite turmeric tea showcases a beautifully balanced and creative use of the flavourful turmeric root. Blended with ginger, cocoa peel and other complementary herbs and spices, this tea is a perfect combination of spicy, fresh and sweet and leaves. 

It is a naturally caffeine-free tea and can be enjoyed at any time of day. However, it proves to be an exceptional palate cleanser after a meal. For fuller flavours, may we recommend you enjoy with a dash of honey and lemon.

Did you know?  Turmeric has been consumed in Asia for thousands of years. It is traditionally used in cooking, folk medicines - such as Ayurveda - and as a dye. 



Sencha Goji-Berry Pomegranate Blend, No.57

This vibrant Sencha green tea blend is a supreme taste sensation. With a masterful and perfectly balanced combination of fine, golden Sencha leaves, sweet juicy goji-berries, tangy pomegranate seeds and lemongrass, this exquisite tea imparts a wonderfully refreshing and distinctive flavour. 

Rich in vitamins C and E, this healthy loose-leaf tea will revitalise your senses and boost your immune system! Sencha is also know to be a skin remedy and helps facilitate weight loss. Our Sencha Goji-Berry is a true delight.


Authentic Christmas Tea Blend, No.31

If you are like us and are already feeling the festive magic of Christmas, then you will have heard about our much-loved Christmas Tea Blend. This unrivalled loose-leaf Christmas tea is known by our customers as 'Christmas in a cup'.

Made with quality black tea enriched with the finest festive spices and dried fruits, this exquisite tea blend brings Christmas to life!


And one more tea...

Okay, we've mentioned more than 5 winter teas. So, surely one more won't hurt...or five more!

Flowering Tea Gift Set

Our winter tea favourites are our Chinese artisan flowering tea bulbs. The bulbs are meticulously handmade in China by combining the highest grade silver needle green tea with the wonderfully delicate dried flowers. The dried tea leaves are wrapped around one or more dried flowers to create the delicate tea bundles. The flowers commonly used in flowering teas include chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily, hibiscus, marigold, rose buds and Osmanthus.

When steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a blooming flower.

However, none of this beautiful craftsmanship would mean anything without the right teaware to enjoy it in! A traditional teapot serves for the vast majority of loose-leaf green teas, but for a flowering tea, a glass teapot really is a must.

Flowering teas and their associated teaware make for fantastic gifts, wonderful centrepieces and sensational tea. This tea is perfect to impress your friends and family over Christmas. 

Read more about the magic of flowering tea here.



Explore more of our quality, loose-leaf winter teas in our Winter Teas.

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