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How To Match Tea Scented Candles To Your Mood

It’s the end of a long day. You’re tired and stressed. You reach for your favourite cup of tea. The first mouthful instantly relaxes you and you melt into the sofa. Ahhhh, bliss.

But what if you could add another element to your ritual that amplifies its effects? Enter the tea scented candle. Designed to bring out the aromas of your favourite brews, our scented candles will tickle your senses, immersing you in the delicious fragrance of healing essential oils.

Inspired by the tea farms we visit around the world, each candle captures the unique aroma of tea leaves, rolling hills, and exotic places. Brew your tea and light a candle to travel to the mountains of China or the valleys of Sri Lanka without needing to leave your home.  At the same time, completely immersing yourself in the flavours and smells of your favourite brew can even make you happier, more productive, or more relaxed

Read on to discover the best candles to enjoy with tea, and to match each part of your daily routine. 


Best scented candle for waking up - Matcha

For centuries, the matcha tea ceremony has been an important ritual. Originating in China, the ceremony took off in the 12th century when a Buddhist monk brought the tea to Japan. The monks found that a cup of beautifully prepared matcha tea helped focus their minds, taking them to a place of calm alertness.

Made from dried green tea leaves crushed into a powder, the preparation of the perfect cup is at the centre of the matcha ceremony. While we don’t all have time to indulge in a full tea ceremony on a Monday morning, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the benefits of matcha.

Burning our matcha tea scented candle will awaken the same aromas the monks enjoyed as they prepared their tea, crushing dried leaves into powders. Pair with a cup of our delicious, rich matcha tea (already prepared and powdered) to truly awaken your senses.

The silky, grassy taste of matcha will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, giving you a smooth hit of caffeine to keep you alert for hours. And the candles’ scents of cherry blossom and green tea will make you feel as though you’re still enjoying tea with the monks, even after you’ve finished your cup.


Best scented candle for getting cosy - Darjeeling

The sweet, floral flavour of Darjeeling makes it one of our favourite teas for cosying up in the evening. Its light golden colour and delicate flavour make it extra comforting, helping chase away the chill on a cold night.

Hailing from India, Darjeeling is one of the most prized teas. Harvested in the summer from some of the earliest blooming tea leaves, its flavour is unparalleled. This famous tea variety is grown only in the small Darjeeling district, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. The unique geography and conditions in the region give the tea its unique flavour profile.

Walking through Darjeeling, you’re hit with the heady aromas of nature in the summertime. The tea gardens, perched on the hillside, are brimming with life and our First Flush Darjeeling scented candle will make you feel like you’re surrounded by it all. With a base of cedar and notes of neroli and orange, burning our candle while you sip a cup of Darjeeling will bring summer to your home, whatever the weather outside. 


Best scented candle for working - Earl Grey

Sometimes you need to get your head down and get to work. When you need to concentrate, a cup of Earl Grey and the matching scented candle will get you in the zone. Earl Grey is a classic black tea blend with a rich flavour. 
According to legend, it was invented when some black tea was accidentally stored in a barrel with bergamot oranges. Charles Grey received the shipment and the rest is history. Now, Earl Grey is one of the most popular tea varieties out there.

Our Earl Grey scented candle will fill your home with the tantalising aroma of bergamot and orange. Let the scent of the essential oils relax you while your cup of tea gives you the smooth hit of caffeine you need to stay focused. Chilled out and sharp? Sounds like a winning combo for a working day.


Best scented candle for relaxing - Jasmine

Originating in China almost 2000 years ago, jasmine tea is known for its calming, healing properties. A few different areas grow jasmine tea, but the most prized and traditional varieties hail from the Fujian province.

Our own jasmine tea is grown in the capital of Fujian. Bathed in sunshine and rainfall, the tea leaves flourish in the subtropical climate. Sipping on a cup of our jasmine green tea will make you feel instantly relaxed, with the subtle, smooth flavour of flowers soothing your mind.

Burn the matching jasmine scented candle to take your relaxation to the next level. Delicate floral aromas will calm you, making you feel as though you’re sunbathing in a meadow in spring. Ideal for soaking in the bath or relaxing with a good book. 


Best scented candle for a dinner party - Chai

The flavours and aroma of chai are the perfect partners for a dinner with friends. Rich in antioxidants, chai was first enjoyed by Indian royals who loved its calming, healing properties.

Nowadays, there are lots of varieties of chai. Our blend is a traditional one, sourced from one of India’s most famous tea-growing regions, Assam. Infused with pieces of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and more, a cup of chai packs a comforting punch.

The drink goes great with food, given its smooth, warming properties. It smells almost as good as it tastes too, so why not amplify the enticing aromas?
Our matching chai scented candle will do just that. Exotic scents of cloves, nutmeg and star anise create a cosy, inviting environment that your friends will love.

You can enjoy this candle any time, but we particularly love getting it going on a winter’s night. 


Trio of Tea Scented Travel Candles Gift set with white scattered flower petals

Where do I find the best scented candles that smell like tea?

We’re currently offering a small, exclusive collection of hand-poured tea scented candles that match your favourite blends. Made in the UK, they capture the exotic aromas of tea farms all over the world. Choose your favourite scented candle and don’t forget the matching brew.

Imagine sipping on your favourite cuppa and feeling the flavours come to life. At the same time, you’re burning a matching candle and enjoying the heady aroma that transports you to a faraway land. Mixing taste with smell will heighten your tea-drinking experience, bringing you a little more luxury to enjoy every day.

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