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#TeaBreaks, summer reads

#TeaBreaks - Port Lympne Wild Life Park

#TeaBreak July

For our Tea Makers, Tea Break destination recommendation in July, we’re taking you on a Safari to Kent’s largest wildlife park. The amazing ‘Port Lympne Safari Park and Animal Reserve’ in Hythe, Kent.

This incredible breeding sanctuary for endangered animals by the Aspinall Foundation is a real treat for adults and children animal lovers alike.

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park was set up as a private zoo in 1973 by John Aspinall to provide more room for his animals in his first zoo near Canterbury, it then opened to the public in 1976.

Set over 600acres, including the beautiful Lympne Mansion with perfectly landscaped 15-acre garden, the stunning landscape is no longer a Zoo but a beautiful sanctuary for animals that are endangered.

This one of a kind animal destination uniquely offers a luxury hotel and ‘Safari’ style stays at the park that will immerse you in the beautiful animals that call it their home.


Port Lympne Tiger Feed

Experiences at Port Lympne

 If you’re an animal lover and looking to get a ‘hands on’ experience up and close with some of the most amazing animals, then you can book one of their ‘Animal Experiences’.

Port Lympne have always been at the forefront of new and exciting opportunities and offer animal feeding for Gorillas, Rhinos, Lions, Tigers, Red Pandas, Primates, Wolves, Bears, Leopards, Giraffes, Cheetahs and Baboons. You can even become a junior ranger for the day.

These incredible experiences offer you the chance to see the animals as a zookeeper would, in a safe, friendly environment at feeding time. With so much variety you can return again and again to experience all of the different animals up close and personal.


Lion Lodge Enclosure


Stay at Port Lympne

One of the most exciting and unique things about this Wildlife Park, is that you can stay on site in true safari style in an amongst the animals.

Stay in the 4 star mansion house or choose from an amazing safari stay, such as the Forest hideaway for a unique and tranquil stay in the wilderness or perhaps a stay at leopard creek in luxury accommodation with views of the leopard enclosure.

The park also offers luxury accommodation in The Tree Houses, Wolf, Bear & Rhino lodge, Giraffe Cottage as well as a super Unique Tree Top Bubble that offers 180 panoramic views for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Possibly one of the most unique experiences, and certainly the first in the World, are the Lion & Tiger lodges.

A stay in one of these offers you an incredible experience where you can wake up with a window to the entire animal enclosure, immersing yourself as part of the pride with the Lions or Tigers.

Lion Lodge -

The Lodges are timber clad, Manhattan loft style buildings, set within the lion’s natural and spacious habitat. Featuring picture windows in both the master bedroom and the open plan living area, the closest you will get to a lion.

Tiger Lodge -

Offers the unforgettable experience of living with Port Lympne’s majestic tigers. Nestled above the landscaped gardens, the lodges offer a chance to get up close to this endangered species, relax to the sounds of nature from your secluded balcony and explore the reserve in your personal golf buggy. There’s nowhere else in the world where you can wake up with a tiger at your window.

Tiger Lodge Enclosure

Food & Drink

There’s so much to do and see at Port Lympne and there’s also some beautiful food and restaurants to accommodate your visit to the park.

You can dine for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in the Garden Room bar and restaurant and even a Sunday Roast. The Garden Room restaurant uses supports sustainable farming by using fresh, local and seasonal produce grown and supplied by the Walmestone Growers, near Canterbury, Kent.

You can even enjoy a beautiful afternoon Tea, on the western terrace or enjoy cocktails, wine and  drinks in the Mansion Bar.

If you don’t make it to the Garden room, there is an option for everyone on site with wood fired pizzas, or you can enjoy faster food from one of the beautiful cafes in the park.

If you haven’t visited the Port Lympne, you really must! We’re sure you will fall in love with it like we have.

For more information on experiences, stays and to visit and book you can visit their website here




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