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Chinese Tea

When it comes to a cuppa, it’s China to which we owe our thanks. Even the most common words for the world’s favourite beverage – ‘cha’ and ‘tea’ – have their origins in China, where, legend has it, Emperor Shennong discovered it close to 5,000 years ago. In our online store, you will discover some of the finest examples of Chinese loose-leaf tea available: delicate white tea; light and fragrant Jasmine Dragon Pearls green tea; aged and earthy Pu-erh; charismatic oolongs; and cult brews such as smoky Tarry Lapsang Souchong black tea. Enjoy the journey!


About Our Chinese Teas

China is well-known and respected for its long-standing and varied history of tea production, particularly from the Fujian Province. The name of the Camellia sinensis tea plant hints at its homeland – ‘Sino’ meaning ‘of China’. This heritage has given rise to some of the finest tea leaves in the industry, and our selection of luxury Chinese loose-leaf tea reflects that fact, with the inclusion of some of the highest quality and rarest teas available. Browse our collection and explore Chinese tea culture as you learn about these fascinating speciality teas: Lincang Ripe Pu-erh, White Peony and Flowering Tea Bulbs, to name a few.

Serving Chinese Tea

China is the original birthplace of the tea ceremony, and with our elegant collection of specialist glass teaware we invite you to create your own. Among our Teaware you’ll also find a range of stylish gaiwans and an authentic Yixing clay teapot – perfect for brewing black, oolong tea or Pu-erh.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 55

Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Loose Leaf Tea

From £8.95 for 50g Pack

Intensely floral and made from early-harvest leaves, a cup of our award-winning Jasmine Dragon Pearls Chinese premium green tea is full of the joys of spring.

From: Fuzhou Region, Fujian Province, China

Organic Dragon Well - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 54

Organic Dragon Well - Loose Leaf Tea

From £7.45 for 50g Pack

Often referred to as the national drink of China, Dragon Well tea offers a light cup with  roasted chestnut aroma and buttery and sweet mouthfeel.

From: West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Supreme Dragon Well (Long Jing) - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 56

Supreme Dragon Well (Long Jing) - Loose Leaf Tea

From £12.50 for 50g Pack

Bright emerald leaves, fresh, nutty notes and a beautiful buttery mouthfeel: no wonder our award-winning Dragon Well Chinese green tea has near mythic status.

From: Xifeng Village, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

No. 60

Fujian Mao Feng - Loose Leaf Tea

From £6.50 for 50g Pack

Rich in antioxidants, our Chinese green tea bestows a gorgeous jade-green cup with an aromatic fragrance.

From: Fujian Province, China

No. 67

Menthos Gunpowder - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

A popular classic, ideal for an iced tea on hot days. Made with quality Chinese gunpowder and American mint.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 72

Anji Bai Cha - Rare Loose Leaf Tea

From £6.95 for 10g Pack

This delicate, rare tea is rich in health enhancing theanine and offers a refreshingly delicate flavour.

From: Zhejiang Province, China

No. 77

Meng Ding Gan Lu - Rare Loose Leaf Tea

From £12.50 for 25g Pack

Meng Ding Gan Lu has been rated as one of the finest teas in China and it is mostly a delicate floral light green tea with rich sharpness and depth.

From: Meng Ding Shan, Sichuan Province, China

Dragon Well Limited Edition - Rare Loose Leaf Tea
No. 59

Dragon Well Limited Edition - Rare Loose Leaf Tea

From £12.50 for 25g Pack

Breathe new life into your day with our limited-edition Dragon Well green tea, a light and delicate microbatch brew of spring-like and subtly complex character.

From: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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