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Mixed Origin

These exceptional teas have been sourced from multiple locations worldwide and mainly include blended teas such as our Herbal and Fruit infusions.

No. 31

Christmas Tea - Loose Leaf

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Warm up winter with our aromatic Christmas Tea Blend from Nuwara Eliya. Enriched with festive spices such as cinnamon and cloves, it’s a heavenly afternoon treat.

From: India

No. 301

Assam Chocolate Spice - Loose Leaf

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

This loose-leaf black tea from India’s renowned Assam region has been mixed with cocoa and ginger for a complex chocolate spiced tea that’s perfect for winter.

From: Assam, India

No. 107

Chai of Madagascar - Loose Leaf

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

A marriage of South African honey bush leaves, orange, coco and spices, this exceptional loose leaf tea offers a stunning sweet and fruity infusion.

From: Mixed Origin

Lemongrass & Ginger - Loose Leaf
No. 127

Lemongrass & Ginger - Loose Leaf

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

Zesty lemongrass and warming ginger combine in this uplifting luxury herbal tea, packed with antioxidants and soothing properties to help ease your digestion.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 128

Turmeric Spice - Loose Leaf

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Rich in antioxidants, turmeric is the golden child of the superfood movement, and this beautifully balanced aromatic herbal blend raises it to the next level.

From: Mixed Origin

SANE Charity Herbal Loose Leaf Tea - 100% Profits Donated

£7.95 for 80g Caddy

Created in partnership with mental health wellbeing charity, SANE, this relaxing fruit/herbal blend donates 100% of profits from the sale to support their work.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 104

Eden Bliss - Mixed Rooibos Loose Leaf

From £4.85 for 50g Pack

This delicious infusion is created by combining the finest quality Rooibos and Honey Bush leaves with an array of juicy fruits, rose and orange blossoms.

From: Mixed Origin

Ruby Latte - Vanilla & Rose Powder Mix

From £20.95 for 100g Pack

This ruby latte is a wonderful combination of beetroot and coconut blossom sugar.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 146

Caribbean Punch - Loose Leaf

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

Made with luscious chunks of fruit blended with golden flowers, this tropical-inspired luxury loose-leaf infusion puts a flavour of the Caribbean in your cup.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 302

Black Forest - Loose Leaf

From £7.95 for 125g Pack

With its come-hither crimson hue and alluring dark-berry flavour, this complex, hibiscus-based loose-leaf fruit infusion is hard to resist at any time of year.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 143

Turkish Apple - Loose Leaf

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

This healthy and traditional Turkish tea makes a soothing and warm infusion, which is equally delicious when made as an iced tea.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 145

Mango Mocktail - Loose Leaf

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Bursting with tropical notes, led by mouth-watering mango, this luxury fruit infusion is a ray of sunshine – whether taken aromatically warm or refreshingly cold.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 141

Hibiscus Bora Bora - Loose Leaf

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

Vibrant and beautifully balanced, this loose-leaf fruit infusion of sweet berries, blossom and tart hibiscus can be enjoyed as a summer cooler or winter warmer.

From: Mixed Origin

Luxurious Turmeric Latte Mix

From £25.50 for 100g Pack

Our turmeric latte marries the goodness of spicy fresh turmeric with sweet vanilla and coconut. Naturally caffeine-free, it’s a great way to brighten your day.

From: Mixed Origin

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