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Sweet Teas

Browse our curated collection of premium loose leaf teas from sweet fruit teas like Mango Mocktail to naturally sweet green teas like Supreme Sencha. Sweet flavoured teas are perfect summer teas and winter teas for all tea lovers. Get your sweet treat fix with a luxury cup of tea.



What is Sweet Tea?

Sweet Tea involves adding sugar or simple syrup into black tea whilst it’s still brewing.


Naturally Sweet Teas

Chamomile is one of our favourite naturally sweetened teas, derived from Asia, India & Europe. Chamomile comes from the Chamomile plant which is perfect for relaxation & improving sleep.


Making Tea Sweet

Simple syrup is our method of achieving that sweet tea taste whilst brewing tea.

Organic Dragon Well - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 54

Organic Dragon Well - Loose Leaf Tea

From £7.45 for 50g Pack

Often referred to as the national drink of China, Dragon Well tea offers a light cup with  roasted chestnut aroma and buttery and sweet mouthfeel.

From: West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Supreme Sencha - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 69

Supreme Sencha - Loose Leaf Tea

From £9.95 for 50g Pack

Bright and sea-fresh, with grassy notes and a complex, creamy mouthfeel, our award-winning loose-leaf Supreme Sencha is one of our finest luxury Japanese teas.

From: Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Gyokuro - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 63

Gyokuro - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.00 for 10g Pack

Our Great-Taste award-winning Gyokuro has a sweet flavour which is mild in taste and a greenish in colour infusion.

From: Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Sencha - Teabag Envelopes
No. 51

Sencha - Teabag Envelopes

From £20.25 for 50 Teabag Envelopes

An authentic Japanese tea with a clean green flavour, our award-winning Sencha wrapped teabags are refreshing, grassy-sweet and delicious.

From: Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, Japan