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Festive Tea


This Christmas, make tea an essential part of your drinks offering. From warming, winter herbal teas to energising and robust classic black brews, some of our favourite loose-leaf blends also happen to be perfect for the festive season.


Zesty lemongrass, fragrant chai, aromatic turmeric… These are the ingredients that keep all of us at The Tea Makers HQ going through the dark and chilly winter months. Not only are many of our Christmas teas ideal for winter, thanks to their health-boosting ingredients, but they also happen to be packed with some of the herbs and spices traditionally associated with this most wonderful time of year.

Need more convincing? Shop below for our speciality Christmas tea, packed with seasonal spice – think cinnamon, cloves and cardamom – and black tea from some of Sri Lanka’s finest gardens.

No. 107

Chai of Madagascar - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

A marriage of South African honey bush leaves, orange, coco and spices, this exceptional loose leaf tea offers a stunning sweet and fruity infusion.

From: Mixed Origin

Lemongrass & Ginger - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 127

Lemongrass & Ginger - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

Zesty lemongrass and warming ginger combine in this uplifting luxury herbal tea, packed with antioxidants and soothing properties to help ease your digestion.

From: Mixed Origin

Christmas Tea - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 31

Christmas Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

From £3.00 for 50g Pack

Warm up winter with our aromatic Christmas Tea Blend from Nuwara Eliya. Enriched with festive spices such as cinnamon and cloves, it’s a heavenly afternoon treat.

From: Sri Lanka

No. 128

Turmeric Spice - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Rich in antioxidants, turmeric is the golden child of the superfood movement, and this beautifully balanced aromatic herbal blend raises it to the next level.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 301

Assam Chocolate Spice - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

This loose-leaf black tea from India’s renowned Assam region has been mixed with cocoa and ginger for a complex chocolate spiced tea that’s perfect for winter.

From: Assam, India

Phoenix Honey Orchid - Loose Leaf Tea
No 89

Phoenix Honey Orchid - Loose Leaf Tea

From £5.50 for 25g Pack

With its complex, floral flavours and honey-like sweetness, this authentic oolong from the Guangdong mountains has near legendary status as a premium Chinese tea.

From: Guangdong Province, China

No. 312

Liquorice Root Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Kiss goodbye to the winter blues with our uniquely fragrant loose-leaf Liquorice Tea, packed with anti-inflammatory benefits and cold-weather comfort.

From: Mixed Origin

Festive Tea Discovery Collection


Warm up this season with our selection of festive teas. This pack includes our popular Christmas tea blend to Chai of Madagascar to give you a variety of flavours. Share this collection with your loved ones or treat someone as a gift.

Contains Five Festive Teas