Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - No.37 - 2019 Harvest


 Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - No.37 - 2019 HarvestGlenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - No.37 - 2019 Harvest 

Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - No.37 - 2019 Harvest

This 2019 First Flush Darjeeling is nothing short of perfection. The ethereal and gentle flavour entices the palate in an amazing tea experience.

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Tea Story

This sublime 2019 First Flush from the Glenburn tea garden in Darjeeling is nothing short of perfection.

This year's harvest began at the start of the season in late February 2019 and the leaves were plucked mid March; at the time where the leaf is most suitable for the Moonshine. The rising temperatures after the winter period slow down the growing process, which helps makes the leaf the most succulent and flavourful it is all year. 



Being a white tea, there is no oxidisation, which makes the weather a vital counterpart to harvesting a good quality leaf. The Moonshine requires careful attention and meticulous handling after plucking, which is why only the most experienced tea farmers rear this spectacular tea. 

In an ethereal and completely blissful sip, one is transported to the mystical and spiritual mountainsides of the Himalayas. The name ‘White Moonshine’ perfectly captures the essence of this tea. Every sip feels like a mouthful of midnight moonlight.

Although closest to white tea, this single origin Darjeeling almost defies classification.


The long, tippy and elegantly curled, wiry leaves are  dominated by an abundance of silver tips and mossy-green buds. 

Words can hardly describe the lingering mix of sweet, floral, fruity and fresh aromas of this tea. As you open the packet and place your nose over the tea-tin, your nostrils are met with the most enticing of scents.

The flavour of this exceptional tea is gentle yet complex. The light, understated and playful taste entices the palate and leaves behind a subtly creamy mouthfeel. The tea imparts very little astringency and leaves you with a bouquet of refreshing impressions.

At first, you will detect subtle floral notes that develop into an intricate mix of gently sweet, citrusy flavours, ending with the softest hint of cool mint.  This truly is the champagne of teas. 

Only the most experienced pickers are allowed to work on this tea. Blooming from the mist that rises of the river Rungeet in April, Glenburn White Moonshine is made exclusively from the most tender shoots. Handled with extreme care, all natural health-promoting properties are preserved.


Glenburn Tea Garden

Located in the Himalayas, Glenburn is ethically managed by one of the most widely respected tea families in India. Two snow-fed Himalayan rivers - the Rungeet and the Rung Dung - wind through the estate and nourish the Glenburn tea bushes. The revered Himalayan garden was founded in 1859 by a Scottish tea company. Later, the garden was passed on to the pioneering Prakash family, who are known in Darjeeling as ‘Chaiwala’, the Hindi term for ‘tea planters’.

A place of natural beauty, Glenburn houses a plethora of natural flora and fauna - including fruit trees, wild flowers, rare birds and honey bees.


Workers employed in the garden have full access to health care and education. The garden’s code of conducts promises to uplift the lives of local people and to provide fair, ethical and clean teas to tea-lovers around the world.

The Glenburn garden grows its tea bushes in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, using ethical agricultural practices. After hand-picking and post-harvest treatment, the tea leaves are packed with extreme care under controlled hygienic conditions.

At The Tea Makers of London, we are in constant pursuit of the perfect cup of tea. Glenburn White Moonshine 2019 First Flush Darjeeling is a very respectable contestant for this accolade.

Ingredients: Pure Darjeeling Tea.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested in spring in the Glenburn part of Darjeeling, India


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Long wiry, green tender leaves

  • Aroma

    Delightfully fruity and floral

  • Flavour

    Floral & citrus notes and a hint of cool mint.

  • Colour

    Light Golden


Brewing Guidance

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Sunday, 16 June 2019  |  James

Without doubt amongst the very best Darjeeling I've ever tasted in 40 years of drinking tea made with the divine leaf, TTM's Glenburn Moonshine is a vital part of my morning. Indeed, a fine Darjeeling is not really an option for serious tea-lovers. Everything else is merely hot brown stuff in a mug! Conversely, a fine Darjeeling takes you to another place in your mind - 'it is a cup of peace,' as the Buddhist monks say. Inevitably, when it comes to this Champagne of teas there are many cheap impersonators, especially, of course, the supermarket brands whose varietals are cut with 95% lesser teas. But of course you get what you pay for in life and with TTM's Glenburn Moonshine you are drinking a ride in a Rolls Royce.

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Fantastic flavour
Monday, 8 October 2018  |  Mark

Fantastic flavour very enjoyable tea..


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A wonderful tea
Monday, 20 August 2018  |  John

A wonderful tea, light and delicate


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Best Darjeeling I've tasted so far
Monday, 6 August 2018  |  Dorieke

Best Darjeeling I've tasted so far


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Glenburn Whie Moonshine
Tuesday, 15 August 2017  |  Roy

Great golden yellow colour, a fresh, floral aroma with hints of autumn hay and a distinctive but delicate flavour that has a complex subtlety. There is a pleasant hint of greeness about it for a white tea. A very satisfying cup at any time of day but a great morning brew.


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