Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07


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Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07

A stunning version of this classic Supreme Earl Grey tea is a blend of exquisite Ceylon teas scented with flavours of Bergamot oil and blue cornflowers. Well-rounded flavour with distinct citrus notes.

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Tea Story

Loose leaf Earl Grey tea is arguably the most revered tea in the world and its origin represents a pivotal tipping point in the history of tea in Britain. What constitutes the best Earl Grey tea is a matter of personal preference. However, our customers tend to agree that our Earl Grey tea is the very best they have tasted - just check their reviews below!

Our 2019 Great Taste award-winning, loose leaf tea is made from a blend of the finest orthodox Ceylon black teas, sourced with the utmost care and expertise. Each tea is individually selected from the most highly revered tea-growing estates in the Nuwara Eliya and Dimulla regions of Sri Lanka.

The premium Ceylon tea leaves are delicately scented with the essential oil of bergamot fruit and then mixed with vibrant blue cornflowers. Earl Grey is known to be the earliest scented tea to ever have been brewed, dating back to the early 1800’s. The blend imparts a rich, aromatic and beautifully delicate brew with a bouquet of enticing aromas; the citrus qualities of the blend makes it a bright and refreshing choice. 


Enjoyed mid-morning, or in the afternoon, this tea offers an unforgettable and perfectly balanced Earl Grey experience. 

The leaves are carefully withered, rolled and fermented. During the process of rolling, this is where the oxidation and fermentation takes places in black teas. With contact to air, the tea leaves’ chemicals (flavonols) oxidise and form molecules (polyners) which help determine the character of the tea. The distribution of the polyners influences the strength, colour and briskness of the tea.The Ceylon Tea industry celebrated 150 years this year and they know a thing or two about make a great cup of tea. The tea process begins with getting the best raw material and in this case succulent two leaves and bud. The artisan tea farmers then take them through a robust production process – which is a form of art and well as science. 

The process of fermentation (oxidisation) follows, when the leaves turn copper-red brown and the tea’s unique fragrance starts to unfurl. This length of time is dependant on the variations of tea, but in Ceylon’s humid climate, this generally takes up to four hours. This ensures the liquor is strong and flavourful.

The leaves are then carefully dried in conditioned hot air; this makes the cell fluid stick to the leaves, giving them the dark brown colour you see before brewing them. The finished tea is then sorted by hand, delivered to The Tea Makers of London and then carefully placed in your cupboards!


It is proven that Earl Grey tea can help aid digestion and deter any inflammation in the gut. With regular consumption, the tea is also known to help reduce cholesterol levels and boost the immune system. Earl Grey tea (like most black teas) is packed full of antioxidants that can help ward off any infections or diseases.

Enjoyed mid-morning, or in the afternoon, this tea offers an unforgettable and perfectly balanced Earl Grey experience. 


TEA EDUCATION: It is known that Earl Grey tea takes its name from the Second Earl of Grey, Charles Grey. He was an important figure in British history and in the history of tea consumption in Britain. Several British tea companies claim to have invented the recipe for Earl Grey tea as a gift or tribute to the Prime Minister.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Flavouring, Corn Flowers. 

Want to know more about Earl Grey Tea? Take a look at our Guide to Finding The Best Earl Grey Tea.

Optional Preferences

We want you to indulge in the best our teas have to offer. This is the perfect tea to enjoy with or without milk.

For serving suggestions, please review our Tea Tasting notes below. We suggest you pour 200ml of 100° boiled water into your cup. Our expert tea tasters have tasted our Supreme Earl Grey blend and have offered the following suggestions, for the tea adventurers:

- For those who love the taste of a strong, astringent black tea, may we suggest you try our Supreme Earl Grey blend by adding 3g of tea leaves and letting the tea brew for 5 minutes; then allow the floral and citrus notes to flavour your palate. Best served without milk.

- For a refreshing and mild brew without milk, we suggest you add 2.5g of tea and rest to steep for 3 minutes. This a perfect indulgent option for a relaxed morning!

- If you enjoy your Earl Grey tea with milk, may we recommend you add 2.5g of tea to 200ml and steep for 4 minutes. This will still be enough time to benefit from the aromatic flavour of the blend without being too bitter.

- Try the tea with added lemon or honey for an added sweeter note and let us know what you think!

Food Pairing

A bold cup of Earl Grey tea, like our own, is ideal to enjoy alongside most things sweet things – such as, lemon cake, chocolate biscuits, nutty granolas and even moist buttery flapjacks!  You name it and Earl Grey is sure to compliment it.

Earl Grey tea increases in versatility as more and more people use it to infuse cocktails/mocktails, cakes and even lattes!



Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested all year round from the Nuwara Eliya and Dimbula regions
in Sri Lanka.


Tasting Notes


Brewing Guidance

Customer Reviews
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Besten earl grey!
Monday, 29 June 2020  |  Ulrich

Eine der besten Earl Grey Kompositionen


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Wonder quality and flavour
Friday, 19 June 2020  |  Marlena

Wonderful product. Great quality and flavour.


This review has not been appraised.

Hands down - the best earl grey ever!
Tuesday, 16 June 2020  |  Ann

Best Earl Grey we have found


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Best earl grey tea!
Tuesday, 16 June 2020  |  Meenal

Same as the triune tea bags. Delicious!


This review has not been appraised.

Strong tea
Thursday, 11 June 2020  |  Laraine

Highly perfumed and quite strong in relation to the tea we have been buying so still experimenting with amount of tea to put in the pot.


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