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Loyalty Points


How do I earn loyalty points?

Once you have created an account with us, we will reward you with loyalty points for every purchase that you make. For every whole £1 that you spend you will receive one point in return.


How much are my points worth?

One loyalty point is worth £0.05, once redeemed. The below table gives you an example of what the value will be at the checkout.


Amount spent

Number of points

Redeemed value at checkout


100 points (minimum)



250 points



500 points



How do I view my points?

You can view your balance by navigating to Your Account and then selecting ‘Order information', alternatively click here.


How do I redeem my rewarded points?

Once you have accumulated 100 loyalty points or more, you will have the option to redeem their value against your purchase at the chekout. You will not have the option to use your points if your balance is below 100.


How long do my points last?

Your points are available to be used for twelve months from the date of purchase. At the twelve-month anniversary of the purchase, the points accumulated will be unable to be redeemed and will automatically be deducted from your available balance. 


Additional notes on our loyalty points system

1) The account holder can only redeem loyalty points

2) Points may not be exchanged or withdrawn for a cash value

3) You cannot exchange points between accounts

4) E-gift vouchers and vouchers are exempt from the loyalty points scheme

5) You may not redeem loyalty points against gift vouchers

6) Changes to the loyalty points scheme may occur at any stage, and you may be notified via the email registered to the account

7) The loyalty points scheme may be withdrawn without notice

8) Your loyalty points may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount code