Supreme Matcha Sencha- No.73


Supreme Matcha Sencha- No.73

This tea offers a refreshing flavour and with the addition of Matcha it makes it one of the healthiest green teas, that could be enjoyed hot or as a cold drink.


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Tea Story

This tea is a of concoction of two of the best loved teas from Japan. Supreme Sencha which is a refined grade has been used as the base for this tea that offer a clean and light infusion, hallmark of a classic Japanese tea with lots of fresh vegetal and umami notes. Mixed with the right amount of  ceremonial grade matcha powder that offer an intensely rich and creamy flavour to this tea. The result is a luminous green cup making it remarkably a healthy drink with freshness of the sencha and sweet smooth finish of matcha.

This drink contain low levels of tannin known for causing astringency or bitterness, therefore makes this tea a smooth drink to enjoy any time of day. One of the added benefits of this drink is the inclusion of ceremonial grade matcha powder considered as one of healthiest green teas and also great source of energy. This tea gives easy access to everyone to enjoy and experience matcha otherwise may not have the time or opportunity to enjoy. Matcha contain high levels of antioxidant content and rich in vitamins . It is known that the compound L-Theanine an amino acid found in this tea help to keep you mind alert whilst calms and relaxes the body. Matcha contain 68mg of caffeine and it releases the energy slowly over a period of 4-6hours without any jitters identified with other caffeine based drinks such as coffee. It is also known that Matcha boost metabolism thereby aid weight loss.

This tea could be enjoyed as a hot or iced tea. For hot tea we recommend to keep the temperature to around 70 °C and steep for 2 min. This tea could be steeped twice, if you do, please increase the temperature for the 2nd stepping by 5 °C and steeping time by 30 sec.

This tea comes from Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture in Japan, renown as the first region where the tea was introduced to Japan by Buddhist priest over 900 years ago. Due to the unique location and terroir tea from this region offer a delicate pine fresh floral notes with its distinctive vegetal and umami flavour.

Ingredients: Japanese Sencha and Matcha powder green tea.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested from July to August in Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, Japan.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Deep green long broken needle like leaves

  • Aroma

    Fresh grass and smell of the sea

  • Flavour

    Mild and refreshing with a sweet aftertaste and grassy notes

  • Colour

    Subtle green hue


Brewing Guidance

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