Supreme Japanese Sencha - No.69


Supreme Japanese Sencha - No.69

The exquisite Japanese Sencha Supreme green tea from Ise Bay in Japan imparts an outstanding flavour and intoxicatingly fresh aroma.

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Tea Story

This finest quality Sencha Supreme green tea from Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan is our most revered, award-winning tea. The supreme quality of this exquisite loose leaf tea is delicately cultivated by our exceptionally talented Japanese tea farmers, whose tea expertise has been passed from generation to generation for over 800 years.

Our Japanese Sencha Supreme green tea imparts a mellow sweetness, perfectly balanced by a mild and refreshing astringency. The fresh sea breeze of the bay area is reflected in the tea’s complex flavour and intoxicating aroma.

Ingredients: Pure Japanese green tea.

Health benefits - Japanese Sencha Supreme contains exceptionally high amounts of the beneficial nutrient ‘catechin’. A ‘catechin’ is a powerful antioxidant, that can help to prevent cellular and genetic damage by neutralizing unstable molecules - also known as ‘free radicals’. Japanese Sencha green tea is also rich in healthy vitamin C.

Information for Tea Connoisseurs 

Sencha green tea is the most popular tea in Japan, representing about 80 percent of Japanese tea production. The Japanese enjoy Sencha hot in the cooler months of winter and chilled during the hot months of summer.

We work very closely with our Japanese tea farmers to ensure that only the most exceptional and high-quality tea leaves end up in your teacup. Supreme Sencha is grown in full sunlight and is delicately handpicked by skilled tea farmers. When producing Japanese Sencha green tea, the leaves are not ground as with other teas.  It is slightly steamed to prevent oxidization of the leaves. Then, the leaves are rolled, shaped, and dried. This step creates the customary, thin and cylindrical shape of the tea leaf which has a very fine and fragile structure. Finally, after drying, the leaves are fried to aid in their preservation and to add flavour.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested from July to August in Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, Japan.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Deep green long broken needle like leaves

  • Aroma

    Fresh grass and smell of the sea

  • Flavour

    Mild and refreshing with a sweet aftertaste and grassy notes

  • Colour

    Subtle green hue


Brewing Guidance

Customer Reviews
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Premium Japanese tea
Friday, 16 August 2019  |  Linda

Premium japanese tea, thanks!


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Definitely recommend!
Wednesday, 27 March 2019  |  Maria

Excellent quality, definitely recommend!!!


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My first drink of the day
Friday, 15 March 2019  |  Ann

My first drink of the day is Supreme Japanese Sencha -No. 69 -PERFECT


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Best tea I've found if you can't afford the Gyokuro every time!
Sunday, 13 January 2019  |  Graham

Excellet tea and the best I've found if you can't afford the Gyokuro every time!


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Superbly refreshing
Friday, 11 January 2019  |  Michael

I'm new to green tea. On a whim I've recently tried teabags then I saw loose leaf green tea was available. Suffice to say teabags are to me a thing of the past! Superbly refreshing


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