Award-winning teas, expertly sourced from artisan farmers and the most renown tea gardens of the world.

Our mission is to bring the most authentic collection of teas from around the world, to help create an unforgettable tea experience with every cup.


Expertise & Heritage

We are one of the last independent family owned fine tea companies in the UK. Built on our strong heritage of tea making  and the expertise in managing tea farms in the misty hill of Sri Lanka, the founder was professionally trained and worked as the tea planter (one who manages tea plantations).

With this rich source of in-depth knowledge and hands on experience,  we know a thing or two about how to source only the best teas from artisan and local tea farmers, giving us a unique perspective and understanding of the world of tea, from leaf to cup.

We pack all our teas in our London hub, with a small team of passionate tasters, blenders,  and general tea lovers. 

Award-winning Teas

From exceptional classics to extraordinary single-origin teas, we offer a wide range of exquisite teas for every palate and every occasion. We work closely with HoReCa sector and offer our teas as wholesale.

Over the past 10 years our teas have won numerous awards. Hand-picked selection of our most loved everyday teas have all been awarded multiple stars every year at the  Great Taste Awards. Achieving the Great Taste Producer status is simply the icing on the cake.

We pride ourselves in sourcing some of the world’s most renown single estate teas, as well as our limited editions of the rarest and finest teas.

Social & Environmental Credentials

We work closely with farmers and estates to source our teas ethically. Our teas are not traded as a commodity, they are an exceptional product made by skilled artisans who can set a fair price for their highly sought-after leaves.

We strive to source the most environmentally responsible packaging, choosing compostable and recyclable materials where available.

Quality: All our teas are carefully selected and expertly packed in our hub in London by our small team of tea enthusiasts. Each batch is tried and tested, and we constantly monitor our stocks to ensure our teas are at their best throughout their shelf-life.



If you are looking to elevate your tea offering to a characterful, authentic selection of teas; thereby bring a whole new experience for your customers, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for a perfect tea range for your fine dining, cafes, delis, restaurants or hotels, we will offer you all the support you need. We will offer free consultation to understand you requirements and offer a bespoke menu that works for you and your clientele. With over 150  most refined selection of fine teas from across the world in our catalogue, we are bound to have what you are looking for your perfect tea menu.

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Hospitality inc. Hotels

Afternoon tea is an essential part of Britain’s culinary heritage and traditional British afternoon tea services attract tourist from far and wide. While afternoon tea consists of many delightful British tea time treats, the centrepiece is - of course - the tea itself.

We can help you tailor a perfect afternoon tea menu that will entice the palate of tea lovers and tea connoisseurs from all over the world. Let us help you on your way to becoming a favoured afternoon tea destination.


Restaurants, Cafes & Delis

With an increasing interest amongst consumers in specialist and artisan food, the demand for new tea varieties is growing steadily. As specialists in fine tea, we can advise you on the latest tea trends and help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Creating the perfect tea service doesn’t have to be stressful. With our help, it becomes as soothing and rewarding as a delicious cup of the finest tea.


Retail & Distribution Partners

We are a luxury tea brand with London provenance, and our range of product offer a fantastic retail opportunity whether you are a retailer or a distributor. Our elegant packaging, brand aesthetics and the originality is unique in the luxury tea sector.

Contact us to find out more about our proposition for wholesale if you are a retailer or a distributor.




Devotion to quality: Quality is our only priority, from the teas that we select, to the service that we provide. We want to take the time to know our clients and their needs to provide an outstanding experience.

Bespoke service: We know each client's requirement is different. We can design personalised tea menus and tailor a bespoke tea service, including beautiful and easy to use teaware, tea cards and displays. Creating the perfect tea service doesn’t have to be stressful. With our help, it becomes as soothing and rewarding as a delicious cup of the finest tea.

Training & Development:  Offering an outstanding tea service require require staff who are passionate and well as knowledgeable about the product. With years of experience in the tea industry and hospitality, we have in-depth knowledge of our products and trends in the sector. We offer comprehensive tea training to front of house staff can feel confident in offering advice, as well as preparing and serving the teas.


The Tea Makers of London