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The Story Behind Our Ceylon Breakfast Tea

The Story Behind Our Ceylon Breakfast Tea

At The Tea Makers of London, we are always looking for, sourcing and tasting teas to offer the best range to our customers. We believe our Ceylon Breakfast tea is one of those real gems that stands the test of time and offers quality taste time and again.

About the tea

If you are seeking an authentic Ceylon loose leaf tea, look no further than our Ceylon Breakfast tea!

This BOPF graded (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings) ticks all the boxes of Ceylon tea characterises and provides a strong and full-bodied cup with an abundance of flavour. The tea leaves have a beautiful caramel aroma with a golden-dark colour and full-bodied brisk flavour unique to the region.

DID YOU KNOW? The antioxidants in two cups of Ceylon black tea are equivalent to the antioxidants in one glass of red wine, seven glasses of orange juice, or 20 glasses of apple juice!

Where is it from?

Our Ceylon breakfast tea is grown in the mining town, Ratnapura area of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). This major city is well known for its gem industry, as well as producing high quantities of top quality tea, known as ‘low-country tea’. This region receives a high amount of rainfall (over 2500mm a year) which helps ensure lush green tea buds every season and the rich soil and climatic conditions factors heavily into its unique character and shape.

Ratnapura is a low elevation tea garden, which gives our orthodox Ceylon Breakfast tea a more robust and brisk flavour, as opposed to some of the high elevation Ceylon teas, such as our Orthodox Ceylon Nuwara Eliya tea.

We highly recommended this Ceylon tea as a breakfast tea as it has the perfect strength and taste to help get you up in the mornings. Add milk and sugar as preferred.

Where is the tea produced?

This Ceylon breakfast tea is produced in the Nawalakanda factory in Ratnapura. The factory was opened in the 1980s, however, the BHP group was founded in the 1980s by Mr B H Peiris. The factory has strong ties to the local community and the surrounding tea farms. Integration with the growers of neighbouring farms enables freshly plucked leaves to be transported to the factory very quickly, which helps to retain the freshness of the tea. The community is something they deem very important in their work, stating:

“we believe we’ve discovered the formula for the perfect cup of tea: a strong connection with our local community and a mastery of blending single-origin tea learnt through decades of experience…”

This investment in community and relationships is one of the many reasons we love working with them.

The factory also has stringent quality testing for their teas, and the process in which they are produced is aimed towards maintaining the quality and retaining the famous taste and characterises of Ceylon tea.


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