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The Tea Makers of London offers a wide range of finest quality loose-leaf teas. Our teas are freshly sourced from some of the best tea estates around the world such as China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan.

7 Health Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea - Discover Jasmine Green Tea

Hailing from China, jasmine tea has become a popular brew all around the world. Made by combining green or white tea leaves with jasmine flower petals and buds, it offers all the health benefits associated with green tea, plus more. Keep reading to find out more about jasmine tea and learn seven ways it could help your health. Is jasmine green tea different from regular green tea? Jasmine green tea is made using green tea leaves, with the addition of jasmine blossoms. Because of this, you’ll taste the subtle, grassy undertones usually found in green tea, plus the summery, floral...

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