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Matcha Green Tea

For a boost of green goodness, look no further than our luxury matcha collection. This antioxidant-rich green tea powder from Japan packs a nutritional punch and a range of health benefits that have seen it boom in popularity in recent years. Matcha’s origins lie in the ancient Japanese tea ceremony but browse our online store and you’ll find it in every form you could need today from Standard Grade to Ceremonial Quality and Organic.


About Our Matcha Teas

Sourced from Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, located on the Pacific coast of Honshu, Japan, our vibrant Matcha green tea powders are produced from the finest, handpicked Camellia Sinensis green tea leaves. To produce the high levels of pigment, chlorophyll and healthy amino acids such as L-theanine, the leaves are covered, or shade-grown, for 20 days before harvesting. The fine powder is then made by slowly stone milling de-stemmed and deveined leaves, a process that requires exceptional skill and patience.

Choose Your Matcha Brew

While the traditional way to enjoy matcha is as a tea, this versatile powder can be used in lattes, juices, cakes and desserts. Our award-winning Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder is our highest grade available and has a smooth flavour with hints of sweetness, but also check out our cooking-grade Standard quality powder, Latte sachets and brilliant Gift Sets.

How To Brew Matcha

Unlike other teas, matcha is made by whisking the powder with water, traditionally with a Bamboo Whisk. Our Guide to Matcha Tea and traditional Japanese tea ceremony has all the information and brewing tips you could wish for. When you’re ready, browse our Teaware for all your essentials.


The Complete Matcha Gift Set

From £49.95 for Modern Ceremonial

Everything a matcha fan could wish for is in this elegant set, from spoons and a bamboo whisk to a beautiful bowl for prepping this healthy green tea powder.

Includes: Everything to get started with Matcha

Perfect Matcha Measuring Spoon


Make a flawless luxury Japanese matcha every time with The Tea Makers of London’s Perfect Matcha Measuring Spoon.

Made in China

Bamboo Matcha Whisk & Chashaku Spoon


Our traditional Japanese handcrafted bamboo whisk and spatula set enables you to make a perfectly prepared, authentic matcha green tea.

Handcrafted in China

Ceramic Matcha Bowl - Handcrafted in Japan

Ceramic Matcha Bowl - Handcrafted in Japan

£23.95 for Hikaru - Blue & White

Enjoy whisking up a healthy Japanese green tea with this beautiful, black-glazed matcha bowl. An ideal gift for those looking to brew authentic matcha.

Handcrafted in Japan

Matcha Whisk Holder


Prolong the life of your bamboo matcha whisk with The Tea Makers of London’s authentic black Matcha Whisk Holder – an essential piece of matcha-making kit.

Handcrafted in China

Ceremonial Matcha Candle

Ceremonial Matcha Candle

From £13.00 for Travel Tin 80g

Transport yourself into the calm serenity of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony with our Ceremonial Matcha scented candle.