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Oolong Tea

The spectacular landscape of Taiwan produces some of the world’s best oolongs – those special, semi-oxidised teas that sit somewhere between the categories of green and black. Whether it’s dark, rich and creamy or golden, sweet and honeyed, our range fine Taiwanese oolong teas showcases all their incredible quality and diversity.


About our Taiwanese Oolong Tea

From the high peaks of Taiwan to its low rolling hills, we have criss-crossed this beautiful country to bring you a collection of exceptional premium oolongs (yes, it’s a tough job!). Taiwan’s many microclimates and different elevations are perfectly suited to oolong’s idiosyncratic personality – this, after all, is a tea of a thousand nuanced incarnations.

Sourced from artisanal farmers, each tea in our Taiwanese oolong collection has its own unique story to tell… Like Oriental Beauty, which achieves the perfect sweetness through being nibbled by tiny green leafhopper insects. Or our high-mountain Ali Shan, grown organically at 1500m by a wonderful farmer, Mr Shien, who plays classical music to his plants in the firm belief it helps them produce a better flavour.

Whatever your taste, we invite you to browse our collection and savour the joys of the finest Taiwanese oolongs.

Tie Guan Yin - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 99

Tie Guan Yin - Loose Leaf Tea

From £9.50 for 50g Pack

Our award-winning Iron Goddess of Mercy loose-leaf tea is a premium oolong with a creamy texture and divine floral notes.

From: Fujian Province, China

No. 90

Four Seasons Oolong - Loose Leaf Tea

From £10.45 for 50g Pack

Our Four Season Oolong feature an exquisite Mountain Tea with a light, yet complex, creamy flavour that is a great choice for people who are new to oolongs.

From: Mingjian, Nantou County, Central Taiwan

No. 94

Ali Shan - Loose Leaf Tea

From £10.95 for 50g Pack

A premium-grade Oolong tea from the mountains of Taiwan, this loose leaf oolong offers a milky-sweet flavour with notes of sweet apricot.

From: Alishan, Chiayi County, Southwestern Taiwan

No. 87

Oriental Beauty - Loose Leaf Tea

From £9.95 for 25g Pack

A premium Taiwanese oolong, aromatic Oriental Beauty lives up to its name, its stunning honey-sweetness making it a delight to drink at any time of day.

From: Hsinchu County, Nothwestern Taiwan


Da Hong Pao - Loose Leaf Tea

From £7.50 for 50g Pack

A remarkable tea that combines tradition and rich cultural heritage for a breathtaking smooth and floral brew with toasted nutty and caramel notes.

From: China