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Premium Teabags

Made entirely plastic-free and 100% biodegradable, our luxury Triune tea bags are perfect for enjoying your favourite brew on the go and include the same tea as found in a caddy of our loose tea leaves. Browse our online store for 19 well-loved classics, including green tea or black tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Vanilla Rooibos and Darjeeling, as well as several of our green teas and herbal and fruit infusions.


About Our Plastic-free Tea bags

As part of The Tea Makers of London’s drive towards greater sustainability, we are delighted to provide a range of our most popular teas in environmentally friendly Triune teabags, carefully filled by us on site in our London headquarters. Each pyramid-shaped mesh Triune is made of fully biodegradable corn starch, which has no impact on the aroma or taste of your tea. Unlike traditional tea bags, we do not have to make any alterations to the loose-leaf teas in order to fit them into the Triunes, ensuring the same high quality to you, the customer.

Our stylishly presented range of luxury Triune teabags are available in cartons of 15 or packs of 100 and 250.

A Convenient, High-quality Brew

These large teabags could easily hold 3-3.5g of tea, and there is adequate space for the leaves of each tea to expand and infuse all its flavours.

Please note that all other brewing guidance – such as water temperature and brewing time – remains the same as for the loose-leaf tea. Most of our teabags are perfect for a second and third steeping, so you can get the best out of them. Once you’re done brewing, the best place to deposit your used Triunes is in the compost bin.