Flowering Tea

The epitome of self-indulgence, Flowering Teas are a real treat for the senses. Our award-winning blooming teas are wonderfully aromatic, delicious to the palate and simply stunning to observe. Just as in nature, there is a wide range of flowers and colours to enjoy. Simply place your bulb into boiling water and enjoy.

About Our Flowering Teas:

Each bundle of our Great Taste award-winning flowering tea consists of dried silver needle green leaves which are carefully wrapped around dried flowers. All our teas are hand-crafted by skilled Chinese tea artisans who bound the components. These green teas are best brewed in a glass teapot, as it is as much a joy to observe as to drink.

Each flowering tea bundle offers a unique viewing and flavour experience, making it the perfect conversation starter and a great topic for your next Instagram video.

Want To Know More?

Read about the magic of flowering teas here.


Our Zenshi glassware range is perfect for brewing our beautiful flowering tea bulbs. 

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Flowering Tea Gift Box

£29.95  (78)

The perfect gift for tea lovers. Contains 10 Flowering Tea Bulbs and a 450ml Zenshi Glass Teapot.

Flowering Tea Gift for One with 5 Bulbs and Infuser Mug


A visual treat with delicate flavours, this is the perfect gift for tea novices and connoisseurs alike. Contains 5 Flowering Tea bulbs and a Zenshi Infuser Mug.

Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs - No.200

From:  £12.95  (49)

10 award-winning Flowering Tea Bulbs made from the finest quality silver needle green tea. 

Flowering Tea 5 Bulbs - No.200

£7.45  (22)

5 award-winning Flowering Tea Bulbs. When steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls, emulating a blooming flower. 

''Jasmine Basket'' Green Flowering Tea

From:  £6.95  (5)

This beautiful award-winning tea is made from jasmine, lily and green tea. Once brewed it appears to be a basket of flowers.

''Perfect Rose'' Green Flowering Tea Bulbs

From:  £6.95  (3)

Individually wrapped Flowering Bulbs made from the finest Silver Needle Green Tea. 


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