Green Tea

Green tea is the most popular beverage in the Far East. The most prominent green tea producers in the world are China and Japan, both of which have an interesting and extensive ancient history of green tea consumption. Green tea is now gaining popularity in the West, not just for its subtle yet complex flavours, but also for its many health benefits and high levels of antioxidants.

About Our Green Teas:

Green tea is naturally low in caffeine, and goes through very little processing and mild oxidisation, meaning all the goodness and flavour complexity is persevered for you to enjoy in your brew.  To ensure we deliver only the best loose leaf tea products to our customers, we often visit the green tea farms in Japan and China to source directly from the farmers. We only choose teas picked in the spring harvest, as they are the most succulent and flavoursome of all the seasonal teas. Our extensive collection of fresh green tea includes many highly sought after and delightful varieties from China, Japan and Ceylon, including Japanese sencha, Matcha powder, Ceylon gunpowder and Chinese Dragon Well.

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Jasmine Green Tea - No.53

From:  £3.50

Our premium Jasmine Chinese green tea has been naturally infused with the oils of jasmine buds. The tea imparts a refreshing and aromatic flavour.

Japanese Sencha Green Tea - No.51

From:  £4.50

Sencha tea imparts a grassy, sweet and mildly astringent flavour. It is one of the most well-loved teas in Japan and has various health benefits.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea (Mo li hua zhu) - No.55

From:  £7.18

This perfectly balanced Jasmine Dragon Pearls impart an intense floral flavour and a beautiful fragrance with a champagne colour infusion.

Sencha Goji-berry Pomegranate Blend - No.57

From:  £5.00

Bursting with high levels of healthy antioxidants and rich in vitamins, this exceptional green tea blend will revitalise your senses and boost your immune system.

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.58

From:  £19.95

An award-winning matcha green tea, this powder has a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness. Perfect as tea or for desserts.

Dragon Well Supreme (Long Jing) - No.56

From:  £12.50

With high levels of natural antioxidant ‘catechin’, vitamin C and amino acids, this king of teas provides the perfect pick-me-up at any time of day.

Dragon Well Organic Tea - No.54

From:  £7.45

Often referred to as the national drink of China, Dragon Well tea has a mellow and delicate flavour. Contains Vitamin C, amino acids and catechin.

Supreme Japanese Genmaicha - No.52

From:  £4.80

Our Genmaicha tea is an award-winning luxury blend. Its flavour is mild and combines the fresh taste of green tea with the aroma of roasted rice.

Organic Premium  Japanese Sencha - No.70

From:  £9.50

Organic Sencha contains more of the beneficial nutrient 'catechin' than any other green tea. With a gently astringent taste, it is ideal for meals.

Fujian Mao Feng - No.60

From:  £6.50

Exceptionally rich in antioxidants, our delicious version of this famous Chinese green tea bestows a gorgeous jade-green cup with an aromatic fragrance and refreshing taste that lingers on the tongue.

Organic Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.66

From:  £24.95

This ceremonial matcha powder is meticulously produced by tea experts and imparts a silky and rich texture with a wonderfully deep flavour.

Organic Japanese Matcha (Premium Grade) - No.75

From:  £16.96

A great choice for anyone new to matcha, this matcha tea imparts a pleasurable smooth, mellow flavour with hints of grassy sweetness.

Menthos Green Tea - No.67

From:  £3.40

A popular classic, ideal for an iced tea on hot days. Our Menthos green tea is made with high-quality Chinese gunpowder and American mint.

Houjicha Japanese Tea - No.65

From:  £3.36

This tea imparts an exceptional caramel flavour, whilst retaining the creamy undertones. It is low in caffeine, making it the perfect after-dinner drink.

Imperial Jade Sword Green Tea  No. 79

From:  £4.68

This green tea originates from Yueyang, Hunan Province, home to some of the most amazing green and oolong Teas.

Alluring Apple and Ginger Green Tea - No.74

From:  £4.50

A wonderful tea to indulge in, this blend is created by mixing ginger pieces with blackberry leaves. The combination creates a delicious tangy tea.

Royal Ceylon Gunpowder - No.68

From:  £3.80

This exceptional and rare Ceylon green tea is rich in healthy antioxidants and imparts a rich and characterful flavour with hints of oakiness.

Supreme Japanese Sencha Triune Teabags - No.69

From:  £6.95

Awarded 3 stars at the 2016 Great Taste Awards, these luxury Japanese Sencha Supreme teabags impart an outstanding flavour and fresh aroma.

Japanese Premium Gyokuro - No.63

From:  £17.95

Gyokuro is the most sought after and luxurious type of green tea from Japan. It has a sweet flavour which is mild in taste and a greenish in colour infusion.

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.58 - Sachet

From:  £11.01

An award-winning matcha green tea, this powder has a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness. single serve (1.5g) sachet - 15 Pack

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