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Enter our online Tea Shop, where you can almost smell the aromatic qualities and flavours of each variety. Here you will find special collections, fantastic gift ideas and hampers. Buy authentic luxury loose leaf tea or biodegradable teabags online for yourself or for a loved one. From classic blends to the latest herbal and organic teas, we offer a full range for any occasion. Before you select a tea to buy online you can also learn about some of the world’s most famous, speciality tea regions.

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Tea Types

Black Tea

Black Tea is the most popular

variety and has been enjoyed as

a well-loved breakfast tea

for over 100 years.


Green  Tea

Green tea is gaining popularity

in the West for its flavour,

health benefits and its high

levels of antioxidants.


Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Teas are an indulgent

treat for all the senses

and can be enjoyed at

any time of the day.


Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is created through

a unique processing method

which brings out the distinctive

colour, flavours and aromas.


White Tea

With very low levels of

caffeine, white tea makes a

delicate brew with a

fresh, mild and sweet flavour.


Rooibos Tea

Rooibos teas are naturally

caffeine-free. They have a nutty

sweet flavour and fragrant,

full-bodied red-infusion.


Fruity Tea

With no limits to which

fruits can be used to make

fruit tea, there is a very

wide variety available.



The epitome of self-indulgence,

Flowering Teas are a real treat for

the senses. Wonderfully aromatic,

they are stunning to observe. 


Pu Erh Tea

There are two types of

Pu Erh tea. Raw is aged over

time. Ripened undergoes a

 process that imitates ageing.


Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are caffeine free,

and a great alternative for

those who enjoy either mild

or fresh beverages. 


Chai Tea

Chai teas can be brewed

with hot water, producing

a very different but equally

enjoyable experience.


Organic Tea

Browse our range of organic teas

to ensure each cup you brew

offers pure, unadulterated flavour

that is free of additives.



In Japan, people have been

consuming Matcha tea for over

800 years, due to its health

benefits and versatility.


All Tea

Shop our wide variety of teas

and find your favourite

brew today.






Tea Regions



China is well-known and

respected for its

long-standing history of

tea production. Explore the

Chinese tea culture here.

Sri Lanka

Known in the world of tea

by its colonial name, ‘Ceylon’,

Sri Lanka is one of the 

world’s most celebrated

exporters of tea. 


India is home to many tea-producing

regions, the most popular of

these being Assam and Darjeeling.

Explore our selection of

Indian teas here.


Some of the best green teas in

the world are cultivated 

in Japan. These teas are

high in antioxidants and other

beneficial nutrients.

South Africa

All our Rooibos teas are

painstakingly produced in the

Western Cape province of

South Africa.


Taiwan has ideal climatic and

geographical conditions for

tea growing, and Taiwanese

Oolongs are considered the finest. 


Our exquisite Organic Chamomile

and Peppermint teas hail from

the fertile plains of the river

Nile valley in Egypt.




Special Collections

Seasonal Teas

Here you will find some unusual,

indulgent and altogether

delicious tea flavours.


Breakfast Teas

Breakfast teas are strong, full-bodied

and rich in flavour, and are mostly

enjoyed with milk and sugar,

or a slice of lemon.

Discovery Collections

Here you'll find Tea Discovery Collections consisting of 5

different types of tea which vary

in texture, aroma and flavours. 

GTA Teas

The Great Taste Awards, organised

by the Guild of Fine Food,

are the acknowledged benchmark

for fine food and drink.

Darjeeling 2019

These teas are amongst the most

revered in the world, referred

to as the 'champagne of teas'.


Rare & Limited

We have travelled the globe in

search of the best authentic,

fresh teas. 


Classic Blends

We use top grade teas for all our

blends. Browse our collection of popular

blends such as English Tea,

Earl Grey many more.


Try our range of delicious caffeine-free

and decaf teas. The range includes

herbal teas, rooibos teas,

fruity teas, chai teas and black tea.


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