Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191


Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191

Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Ruby) - No.191

This premium Red Jade black tea is a must-try for any tea lover or connoisseur, reared by the tranquil Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

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Tea Story

This tea is a must-try for any tea lover or connoisseur!

From the plush fields of Yuchi, nestled in Nantou, Formosa Island (Taiwan), the Sun Moon Lake Red Jade (Hongyu 日月潭紅玉) black tea is a testament to the superior quality of tea grown here. 


This black tea has a rich, creamy flavour and a natural fragrance of cinnamon and mint that delicately balances the senses as if you were floating on the magical Sun Moon Lake itself.

The tea is grown organically, with no pesticides or chemicals, by a nurse turned tea farmer, continuing her family’s five-generation legacy of sustainable tea-farming.


The skills she adopted in her previous career have been transferred to her successful cultivation; her wholeheartedness, care and passion are all reflected through the outstanding quality of her teas.

This Red Jade tea is the world’s No.1 recommended black tea, and has also been recognised (by Tokyo polls) as the No.1 recommended bagged black tea of all global brands!


Ingredients: Pure Taiwanese black tea.


Additional Information

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter seasons
Sun Moon Lake Black Tea certified
Pesticide/ Herbicide/ Chemical free

  • Altitude: 600M
  • Variety:  Taiwan No.18
  • Fermentation: 100%
  • Time of Harvest: Spring 2020
  • Year of Harvest: 2020
  • Processing: Handpicked and hand processed


About Formosan Farms

Name of Farmer: Ms. Liu's Farm

Formosan Farms produce premium, single-origin teas that are organically grown by family tea-farms in Formosa Island, Taiwan. The sustainably grown teas are 100% pure, with no added chemicals or pesticides. The leaves are of high quality with choices of grade. The farms' sustainable ethos ensures the methods used in cultivation are eco-friendly with the environment in mind. The farmers' love for their work is reflected in their teas, and we are very proud to launch our new range of teas with them.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested in all seasons in Yuchi, Nantou.


Tasting Notes


Brewing Guidance

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