Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong - No.91


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Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong - No.91

This dark oolong tea from the Fujian province of China imparts a smooth caramel flavour with delightfully fruity notes.

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Tea Story

This is a luxurious and unique dark loose leaf oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains, which are located in the Fujian province of China. The Wuyi mountains are renowned for producing the very best oolong teas.

This exclusive dark oolong tea, imparts a delightfully light and smooth flavour with creamy and fruity undertones. The long, wiry and dark leaves, create a beautiful light-amber hue and give out a rich, honey-like fragrance.

The soil in the Wuyi mountain range, is rich in minerals and imparts a mature flavour complexity to the tea. Because of its highly-valued culture, aesthetics and biodiversity, the mountain range has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Many oolong teas are produced in this area. The Shui Xian variety of Wuyi oolong is also known as ’Narcissus’ - named after the character from Greek Mythology who fell in love with his own reflection.  

Ingredients: Pure Chinese Oolong Tea.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested in spring in the Wuyi Mountains, Fujian, China.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Deep brown long wiry leaves

  • Aroma

    Honey, pine nuts and spicy cocoa notes

  • Flavour

    Smooth caramel flavour with delightful fruity notes

  • Colour

    Light amber


Brewing Guidance

Customer Reviews
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Incredibly economical
Friday, 7 December 2018  |  Nichola

My husband drinks this almost all the time, and it's incredibly economical because it can be re-steeped several times without losing flavour. We call it Flash Oolong because it has such a short brewing time!


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Delicious tea
Friday, 26 October 2018  |  Trond

Delicious tea, great quality


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Ein Leckerbissen
Tuesday, 7 August 2018  |  Ute

ein Leckerbissen. schwarz, voller Charakter. zum Genie゚en, aber nicht mein Topfavorit.


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Sunday, 15 October 2017  |  David

Wonderful tea; this has become my everyday tea of choice. Well done to Tea Makers of London for sourcing this excellent product.


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Excellent tea
Sunday, 9 July 2017  |  Angela

This is an excellent oolong tea. It has a quite distinct aroma and flavour which is very refreshing. Perfect on hot summer days.


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