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The Tea Makers of London offers a wide range of finest quality loose-leaf teas. Our teas are freshly sourced from some of the best tea estates around the world such as China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan.

Assam Tea - The Taste, History And How To Brew

What is Assam Tea, and where does it come from? Like all oxidised black teas, the Assam tea variety is grown from an evergreen shrub named Camellia sinensis. The Assamica plant variety, which all Assam tea belongs to, sits either side of the Brahmaputra valley river in Northern India, in between Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar with water carried down from the Himalayas. In this region, which accounts for over 50% of Indiaā€™s total annual production of tea leaves and is the largest in the world, the tropical monsoon climate varies harshly between a 35 - 38 Ā°C humid Summer, and...

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