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Fruity Teas

Explore our range of fruity teas bursting with colour, flavour and rich aromas. Delicious hot and cold, these fruity infusions taste as great as they smell, each made with real fruit pieces for a distinctive flavourful experience!



Hot Fruit Tea

Our selection of Fruit Teas can be brewed hot, with the Hibiscus Bora Bora tea being a refreshing option for tea drinkers. Its fruity aroma & red infusion is the perfect choice for winter warmer months. No added sweeteners needed!


Cold Fruit Tea

Fruit teas can often be served cold, and a popular favourite of ours is the Mango Mocktail. Its exotic, fruity flavours are deliciously chilled, ideal for consumption any time of the day.


Is Fruit Tea Good for You?

Fruit Teas are high in antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C & A. We use fruits such as Mango & Pineapple that have shown to improve gut health and are good for your heartā€™s health.


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