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Healthy Teas

The health benefits of tea and herbal tisanes are becoming better understood each year. Made from soothing and stimulating premium ingredients alike, our luxury range of Heath Teas include options created to help you relax, revitalise or re-energise at any time of day.

Over breakfast, after work, post-dinner or on the weekend, these are the blends, infusions and luxury loose-leaf teas that will help you slow down and maintain both a healthy mind and body.

Read more about individual tea health benefits in our Tea Journal


Healthy Teas For Body & Soul 


“Putting the kettle on” is synonymous with comfort, and many of our wellness teas do double duty by helping to bolster both your mood and physical health.  

 Hydrating and frequently high in antioxidants, teas offer a boggling array of health-boosting properties, from L-theanine – abundant in our Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder and known to reduce stress as well as help fight colds and flu – to polyphenols which may protect against weight gain, heart disease and stroke.  

 Among the traditional teas, black teas such as Keemun – the “godfather” of Chinese breakfast brews – is packed with compounds that can help with mental focus and even fight cancer, while the benefits of our Ginseng Oolong include anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating qualities.  

 For a great caffeine-free alternative to breakfast tea, our Organic Rooibos has also been shown to contain anti-inflammatory and tumour-fighting properties – or, for an antioxidant-rich aromatic blend, there’s Turmeric Spice tea. Finally, our stunning Whole Rose Buds and Chamomile Blossoms offer a perfect way to see out your day. 


No. 107

Chai of Madagascar - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

A marriage of South African honey bush leaves, orange, coco and spices, this exceptional loose leaf tea offers a stunning sweet and fruity infusion.

From: Mixed Origin

Hibiscus Bora Bora - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 141

Hibiscus Bora Bora - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

Vibrant and beautifully balanced, this loose-leaf fruit infusion of sweet berries, blossom and tart hibiscus can be enjoyed as a summer cooler or winter warmer.

From: Mixed Origin

Lemongrass & Ginger - Loose Leaf Tea
No. 127

Lemongrass & Ginger - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.00 for 50g Pack

Zesty lemongrass and warming ginger combine in this uplifting luxury herbal tea, packed with antioxidants and soothing properties to help ease your digestion.

From: Mixed Origin

No. 31

Christmas Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Warm up winter with our aromatic Christmas Tea Blend. Enriched with festive spices such as cinnamon and cloves. , it’s a heavenly afternoon treat.

From: Sri Lanka

No. 128

Turmeric Spice - Loose Leaf Tea

From £4.50 for 50g Pack

Rich in antioxidants, turmeric is the golden child of the superfood movement, and this beautifully balanced aromatic herbal blend raises it to the next level.

From: Mixed Origin

SANE Charity Herbal Tea - 100% Profits Donated

£7.95 for 80g Caddy

Created in partnership with mental health wellbeing charity, SANE, this relaxing fruit/herbal blend donates 100% of profits from the sale to support their work.

From: Mixed Origin