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Tea For Immune System

Curated by The Tea Makers of London for their health-supporting properties, our collection of immune-boosting teas brings together antioxidant-rich brews that will give your body the support it needs throughout the year. 

From multipurpose Ceremonial Grade Matcha (sprinkle it in smoothies or make it solo) to berry-spiked Hibiscus Bora Bora, these are some of the best teas for health that you can buy.



Boost Your Immune System


Tea in all its forms has been associated with good health for centuries, and that ancient wisdom is supported today by countless new scientific studies. 

In our collection of Teas for the Immune System, you’ll find a range of flavour profiles and styles packed with ingredients known to help fight infection and inflammation. 

If you’re looking for caffeine-free options to ward off seasonal viruses, herbal tisanes such as Lemongrass & Ginger, with its antimicrobial properties, or our vitamin C-rich Black Forest dark berry infusion will make you feel as zesty as they taste. 

At the other end of the feelgood spectrum there’s our soothing Turmeric Spice, with its key ingredient having been shown to help kick the body’s antibodies into gear.

Prevent Cold and Flu


Containing caffeine but key to our range are green, white and oolong teas, shown to be particularly beneficial for immunity due to their high L-theanine component. 

Epidemiological research has shown this humble amino acid to be particularly effective in reducing immunosuppression caused by hard physical exercise while also helping to prevent colds and flu.  

Seek out our award-winning Jasmine Silver Needle for its low caffeine but high polyphenol content, or one of our matcha powders, bursting with infection-fighting catechins.