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Indian Tea

Home to the iconic tea districts of Assam and Darjeeling, India is synonymous with tea, and the world’s second-biggest producer after China. Rich in history, Indian teas offer wonderful variety, from the floral first flushes of the Himalyan foothills to the dark malty brews of the Brahmaputra valley. Whether you’re looking for an elegant Earl Grey, a brisk Assam Breakfast black tea or a fruity micro-batch Darjeeling from the historic Margaret’s Hope tea garden, our online store offers an outstanding selection of the country’s finest tea leaves.


About Our Indian Teas

India is home to many tea-producing regions, the most popular of these being Assam and Darjeeling, which is where we’ve travelled to source our selection of the finest luxury loose-leaf teas. At The Tea Makers of London, we’re proud to have built relationships with some of India’s most revered tea estates – such as Upper Namring and Selimbong, established in 1855 and 1886, respectively – as well as those adopting the latest clones, cultivars and, increasingly, sustainable farming practices. We have also sourced some delicious traditional teas such as Masala Chai spiced tea, which is available as a loose-leaf or tea bag form.

Want To Know More?

The harvesting of the first flush Darjeeling teas is a red-letter date on the calendar. You can read about what makes the spring Darjeeling tea harvest so special in our guide to First Flush Darjeeling Tea. If you’re interested in Assam, meanwhile, we encourage you to check out our history and round-up of our favourite Assams.

Discover Darjeeling

Get a flavour of six wonderful and different spring releases with our First Flush Darjeeling Discovery Pack.