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Loose Leaf Tea

If you want to experience the world’s favourite beverage at its authentic best, you need to steep yourself in the world of loose-leaf tea. We offer some of the world’s finest tea leaves, meticulously sourced from tea estates in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Taiwan and Nepal. Our online shop includes a wide range of styles: green, black, white, oolong, Pu-erh and flowering teas, plus herbal and fruit infusions. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur, enthusiast or just fancy exploring the world of loose-leaf teas, there’s a perfect cup of tea for everyone at our online store.


Why Loose-leaf Teas Are Best

The dried leaves of Camellia sinensis come in a dazzling variety of styles. Browse the teas in our online store and a closer look at the leaves will reveal an array of weird and wonderful forms, from thin, black and wiry to round, yellow-green and downy. Zoom in and you may imagine yourself as an ant, crawling through an alien forest of sorts. Each of these fantastically shaped teas represents a unique tasting experience that even the best teabags will be hard-pressed to match.

By buying a caddy of The Tea Makers of London luxury loose-leaf tea, you are investing in a tea that maintains its character as the producer intended, without being broken down or adulterated by mass processing. The joy of many such teas is its variation – like different vintages of fine wines, the teas from a certain tea garden, made to a set style, will still offer subtle nuances year to year, harvest to harvest.

The tradition of brewing loose-leaf tea is also a cultural experience in itself – and an excellent excuse to upgrade your teaware! So why not join us as we slow down, take a deep breath, warm the pot, pour the water and then watch the leaves expand and unfurl before our eyes...