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Teas For Metabolism & Weight Loss

While sipping a luxury brew is no secret bullet to weight loss or good health, beyond the faddish products and social media headlines, studies have shown the power of certain teas to potentially reduce fat and fire up your body’s chemical processes. 

If you’re feeling in need of a health kick, browse our selection of the best teas to boost your metabolism.


Power Up


As well as keeping you hydrated – which itself prompts your body to pick up its metabolic rate – several varieties of tea contain compounds called catechins. Especially abundant in green teas, as well as in partially oxidised teas such as oolongs, these flavonoids have been associated with helping to promote weight loss and fat burning while also lowering cholesterol. 

For a tea with a satisfying natural sweetness, we love Phoenix Honey Orchid Chinese Oolong or the dark beauty that is Wuyi Shui Xian, another favourite oolong. Want to add some metabolic oomph to your workout as part of all-round health? Try incorporating one of our matcha teas into your pre- and post-fitness regimen.

Low-caffeine and caffeine-free


Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, is the hero ingredient when it comes to the metabolic-boosting properties of a freshly brewed cuppa. For a lower caffeine option, try our Rare Ceylon Silver Tips, a white tea made with minimal intervention. White teas also contain catechins, and studies in mice have shown these delicate beauties to be effective in blocking the formation of new fat cells. 

Alternatively, there’s a caffeine-free herbal alternative in our Turmeric Spice. An earthy, golden blend ideal for bedtime, it contains curcumin – linked to a reduction in the growth of fat tissue.