Jun Chiyabari Organic Himalayan Tips  No.64


 Jun Chiyabari Organic Himalayan Tips  No.64Jun Chiyabari Organic Himalayan Tips  No.64 

Jun Chiyabari Organic Himalayan Tips No.64

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Tea Story

The name Jun Chiyabari means “Moonlit Tea Garden” in Nepali, is an organic tea farm in Dhankuta district of east Nepal. 

History / Origin

This family owned tea garden was started by in the year 2000 by Lochan and Bachan Gyawali brothers who were passionate about high-mountain teas, particularly making authentically Nepal speciality teas.  The teas from Jun Chiabari had definitely placed the Nepal teas up there with its close rival Darjeeling and most importantly this is not a replica of the Darjeeling first flush, but a tea with a true reflection of the terroir and seasonality of high mountain tea gardens of Nepal. 

Picking Season

Picked during the early spring between April-May, these hand-rolled white tea made with unopened buds and a tender leaf offers an aroma that resemble fresh spring blossoms and the light golden hue infusion is delicate and light with floral and tropical fruit noted. This tea is distinctly high-mountain Himalayan wonder.

The location is the perfect climate for growing this tea because it is mistier, with lesser sun, and thanks to the high altitude it remains cooler which allows the buds to grow steadily.

Altitude: 1450-2200 meters

Fermentation: 0-1%.

Time of Harvest: Spring Harvest - April- May

Year of Harvest: 2021.

Processing: Handpicked and hand-rolled & dried 

Cultivar: Traditional Chine Cultivar.

Farm: Single Origin, small independent tea farm.

Name of Farmer: Bachan and Locan Gyawali

Location:  Small town of Hile in Dhankuta district

This Organic Himalayan Snow Tips for form part of artisanal collection of Rare & Limited Teas, as each batch will differ from one another even within the same type & style and from day to day and season to season.



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