Supreme Oriental Beauty - No.193


 Supreme Oriental Beauty - No.193Supreme Oriental Beauty - No.193 

Supreme Oriental Beauty - No.193

Our quality sweet Oriental Beauty is one of Taiwan痴 most distinctive oolong teas.

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Tea Story

Our Supreme Oriental Beauty (頂級東方美人)  is quite a distinctive, premium tea. The beautifully shaped white tipped leaf is a testament to its carefully controlled oxidisation; this keeps the leaf whole and sweet flavour intact.

The tea derives from Formosan Farm’s organic spring harvest, from earlier this year.

Mr. Shu is the affiliated farmer here, and being the fifth generation of tea-farmers in Toufen, Taiwan, he continues to adhere to his family’s organic farming methods. 

This tea is grown at 200m altitude and imparts a sweet honey aroma.  The natural fruitiness of the leaves is worked by Mother Nature herself, with the help of leafhopper insects.

Legend has it, that Oriental Beauty tea was in fact an accidental revelation!

Centuries ago, a Taiwanese tea farmer's crops were spoiled by a leafhopper insect (Empoasca onukii) where they had bitten the tea leaves. Not wanting to waste the harvest, the farmer picked the leaves and later realised that the tea flavour had transformed to a smoother sweeter note.

He was able to sell this rare tea for a high price as it was well received by the industry's top tea traders in the country, and soon after, the world.



So, what we taste in the tea is in fact the chemicals that the plant releases in response to the bug bites. 

This, along with its meticulously controlled oxidisation, is what makes the tea's flavour so striking and aromatic.  The richer the honey flower tea aroma, the higher grade of tea it is –and the more expensive! 

Little damage made to the leaves helps reduce the bitterness of the tea whereas too much damage makes the tea even more bitter; that is why this process is highly supervised by experienced artisan tea farmers. 

This unusual method has been used over the centuries, making Oriental Beauty one of Taiwan’s most distinctive oolong teas.


Read more about the story of Oriental Beauty in our Tea Journal.

Ingredients: Pure Taiwan tea.


Additional Information

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Seasons
Organic Certified
Pesticide/ Herbicide/ Chemical free

  • Altitude: 200M
  • Variety:  Chin Shin Dah Pan
  • Fermentation: 70%
  • Time of Harvest: Late Spring 2020
  • Year of Harvest: 2020
  • Processing: Handpicked and hand processed


About Formosan Farms

Name of Farmer: Mr.Shu's Farm

Formosan Farms produce premium, single origin teas that are organically grown by family tea-farms in Formosa Island, Taiwan. The sustainably grown teas are 100% pure, with no added chemicals or pesticides. The leaves are of high quality with choices of grade. The farms' sustainable ethos ensures the methods used in cultivation are eco-friendly with the environment in mind. The farmers' love for their work is reflected in their teas, and we are very proud to launch our new range of teas with them.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested in the springtime in Miaoli, Taiwan.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Long curly, silvery and brown tender buds

  • Aroma

    Honey ripe fruit

  • Flavour

    Honey sweet, pine wood, with abundance of fruity and floral notes

  • Colour

    Light amber liquor


Brewing Guidance

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Its not very nice
Friday, 8 January 2021  |  Salim

I normally drink the No.190, I tried this because my usual was out of stock; I had one tea pot and asked to return it but they won't allow because I opened it already. It's weak & mellow, its not really fragrant at all and the sweetness is mild/sickly. It's really not worth the price.

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Looks great very happy with it
Thursday, 15 October 2020  |  Dawn

Looks great very happy with it


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020  |  Joseph

Oolong is not usually my cup of tea being a bit too bitter for my liking. However, this tea is fantastic. As soon as you open the bag this waft of sweetness just hits you. It's quite unlike any other tea I've come across. Its perfectly balanced with sweet and floral notes whilst still holding slight bitterness from the tea variety. Truly great!

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