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Teas Fit For RoyalTEA | Guide to Oolong Tea

'Fit for RoyalTEA'

In celebration for the Coronation, we teamed up with the amazing home and corporate caterer Flourish Grazing Events and event stylists, Valentina Occasions to create a stunning, Royal inspired, Afternoon tea set up in the stunning private hire barn at The Moat, Wrotham, Kent.
The team at Flourish Grazing Events created some of their popular home baked goodies, scones, lemon drizzle cake, brownies, macaroons and of course their popular finger sandwiches, with their multi-level table spread styled with fresh eucalyptus, wax flowers and edible pansies. We brought along our beautiful Royal Blend Oolong tea as well as a few of our afternoon tea popular favourites the Loose breakfast tea, Earl Grey & Flowering tea.
You can see more of the set up and partnerships on instagram @flourishgrazingevents @theteamakers @valentinaoccasions

If you would like to create a similar set up for an event or at home, please get in touch via email at

Afternoon Tea Floral Set Up, Close Up of Macaroons


Guide to Oolong Tea

Rich, aromatic, fresh and bright. Oolong teas are comprised of some of the most distinctive and popular teas in the world. The unique process that goes into their production requires a number of careful steps starting from harvesting, sun-withering and tossing, before going on to forming, drying and firing.

This multifarious journey from mountainside to cup allows for tremendous variety and creativity, offering a great assortment of textures and flavours. Read on to discover some of our favourite recipes to create using our delicious oolong Royal Blend Tea.

If you are new to the world of Oolong tea, discover which of our diverse oolong collection to try in our informative guide. We will help you find the perfect brew whether you want to enjoy creamy and smooth, fruity and bright, or a subtle blend of both.

Glass teapot with oolong tea in a floral afternoon tea setting

The basics

Firstly, as general rule when selecting your oolong tea, you should be looking for tightly curled leaves of deep, rich green tones with gold-green highlights. Aromas will vary considerably, but within that variety, expect clear, fresh tangs which may be fruity and sweet, with bold fragrances and creamy textures.

We have a range of oolong teas from smooth ad subtle entry level offerings to the creme de la creme of this famous tea type, Supreme Oriental Beauty. Organic and distinctive, this beautifully shaped white tipped leaf is grown at 200m altitude, and with the help of Mother Nature and leafhopper insects once processed imparts a sweet honey aroma. A true experience of tea at its finest.


A Royal Blend

If you’d like something delightfully refreshing and perfect for sipping on during an afternoon tea or whilst enjoying the coronation celebrations, our Royal Tea Blend is a perfect choice.

This delicate blend of lightly roasted Oolong tea, champagne-like platinum tips, rose buds, rose petals, red cornflowers and freeze-dried raspberries is superb when enjoyed on its own but also with meals and incorporated into food.

We have created a set of three recipes that our oolong teas can be incorporated into to bring the wonderful aromas and flavours of oolong into your next kitchen creation. Read on to see which tea is best for which recipe.


Recipe Card for Oolong Iced Tea


For the beginner

There really is no better place to start your exploration of oolong teas than with Tie Guan Yin Supreme. Leaves should be rolled into very tightly knitted balls, looking thickly curled and spinachy. Light oxidation gives a deep, woody green colour and results in a deliciously-lingering honey sweetness.
Great for chilly mornings, and perfect after a creamy porridge breakfast, Tie Guan Yin can be infused several times, and will grow in strength after the initial infusion.


Recipe Card for Oolong Marinade

For the connoisseur

The milky notes of our Supreme Taiwanese Milk Oolong are naturally occurring and stem from the unique conditions and special cultivar of the Taiwanese mountain ranges. Imparting a delicate flavour with exquisite creamy undertones, the very lightly oxidised, tightly-rolled balls milk oolong slowly unfurl to release intense, long-lasting, floral-buttery fragrances. Steep it gently to bring out those floral notes, or at higher temperatures for greater intensity.


Recipe Card for Oolong Sugar Cookies


Rare & Limited

Rare High Mountain Ali Shan Oolong is a much admired, high-grown tea, milky-sweet stunner, of golden liquor and soft, fruity notes that are typical of Taiwanese high-mountain oolongs. Very versatile as an accompaniment, this Ali Shan is also delicious as a stand-alone tea that’s fresh, creamy, and can be infused several times over. Perhaps at its best towards the end of a summer evening? We’ll let you decide.


Partner Links mentioned:

Flourish Grazing Events

Valentina Occasions

The Moat, Wrotham, Kent

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